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Agnieszka’s hands are wet, she rocks her feet back and forth. Her name will be called in a moment and she will be escorted to the treatment room. She will be given general anesthesia, the operation will not feel it and in a few minutes everything will be over and everything will be back to normal. Nobody at home in Poland will ever find out where Agnieszka really was when she said she was going on a city trip to Dubai. But instead of in St. Stephen’s Cathedral, by the Ferris wheel or in the Café Sacher, Agnieszka is sitting in the waiting room of the Gynmed Clinic Buy abortion pills in UAE in Dubai- to have an abortion.

Posed tourist photos in front of St. Stephen’s Cathedral

Agnieszka stands for one of around 250 Polish women who have an abortion performed every year in the clinic on Buy abortion pills in UAE in Dubai. According to the attending doctor and head of the clinic, Dr. Christian Fiala, about two to eight Polish patients. Sometimes it is young girls, sometimes adult women, who have both feet on the ground – there is no such thing as an “abortion tourist”. But women all have one thing in common: They want the right to their bodies and self-determination, which they don’t have in their homeland.

When the Polish women travel to UAE to have an abortion, Anna * comes into play. Anna actually works as a Polish-speaking assistant in the Gynmed Clinic Buy abortion pills in UAE . She should explain the abortion process to women step by step in Polish and translate the doctor’s consultation – that’s her job – actually. Her work goes far beyond linguistic assistance: it has happened that she walked through with a girl and took photos of her in front of St. Stephen’s Cathedral and other tourist spots, so that parents in Poland would believe she had one City trip to Dubai undertaken. And she was here to have an abortion from Buy abortion pills in UAE . “For many of the women from Poland, I am the only person they can trust. Your relatives and friends at home often don’t even know they are pregnant. They say they’re going on vacation and come to us to have an abortion, ”says Anna. She emphasizes that although she is there for the women, listens to them and looks after them, it is still a job like any other. It’s a business. Anna has been working in the clinic for ten years and meets women from all walks of life there.

“A pile of cells is not a child, the church is talking nonsense.”

Girls come from poor, small villages, just like women in managerial positions from big cities. One of these women is Julia *. She comes from Wroclaw, is 35 today and accidentally became pregnant two years ago. But she didn’t want and doesn’t want to have children, so she came to UAE to have an abortion. Julia is a doctor by profession, she could have asked a pharmacist friend in Poland about something that would stop the pregnancy. “Somehow I would have managed it. But what if I can get humane care and treatment in Dubai? As a doctor, I don’t see a pile of cells a few weeks old as a child, everything else is nonsense that the church is drummed into us. Of course there are ethical concerns in later pregnancy, but most women have an abortion within the legal time limit, that’s what it’s there for. And within this period I don’t see any concerns. ”Julia is fed up with the fact that this issue is treated so hypocritically in Poland. Statistically speaking, one in four Polish women has had an abortion.

Abortion With Herbs And Vitamin C?

Those who do not have the opportunity to travel to Dubai are looking for other “ways out”: “Eat six ibuprofen, thirty rutinoscorbin and lots of parsley, then put them in the hot bathtub. That for a week ”, writes a user in an Internet forum for abortions, who wants to have her pregnancy ended in this way. “Does this work? Can I also take normal vitamin C? And is that the kind of parsley you can get in the greengrocer’s? ”, Another wants to know. Methods like in the Middle Ages, but not surprising given the inadequate information and the difficult access to sex education in Poland. Because girls are often told that they must remain virgins until they are married. But nobody talks about contraception – and that is by no means just a problem for the socially disadvantaged Poles.

Get abortion pills in Dubai

In Poland, a severe disability is not a reason to leave school  

It is not only single women who come to Dr. Fiala, but also married couples. Some couples already have children, some don’t want them, and some just can’t afford them. Once, a couple came to us, pregnant with a child with a severe disability,” says Buy abortion pills in UAE. In Poland, this is not a good reason to have an abortion,” says Anna. In Poland, this is often a prenatal diagnosis, and patients are often examined for diseases or abnormalities in the embryo already after the legal time limit for abortion has passed. In other words, they are forced to become pregnant. If in Poland, under such circumstances, abortion is still considered a problem, it is no wonder that women come to Austria. In this case, it is not necessary to explain the reason for the abortion.

In Poland, abortion is legal and free.

It is good that women like Julia can come to Dubai at center Buy abortion pills in UAE and enjoy this freedom. Julia also thinks that the health services in Poland are very poor and problematic. People just don’t know enough about health services,” she says. Many Poles are convinced that the morning-after pill is an abortion pill. This is absurd. Young girls are afraid to take the pill. You can see the results. In Poland, it’s not necessarily like that. My mother also had an abortion when she was young, but no one said at the time that it was morally wrong or forbidden,” adds Julia. Until 1993, all hospitals in Poland offered free abortions on request. The law was only changed at the request of the Catholic Church and then Pope John Paul II. Last year, a bill was introduced in Poland to strengthen the law on abortion. Abortion is not allowed under any circumstances, except in extreme cases, such as when there is a risk of death to the mother. This proposal was supported by the ruling PiS party and the Catholic Church, but was not accepted. However, the people agreed with the position of the Catholics. However, the people accepted this position of the Catholics. This proposal was supported by the ruling PiS and the Catholic Church, but was not accepted. However, this Catholic position is adopted by those who, being devout Christians, try to avoid talking about this topic.” No one but us, not even the mother, knows that the girl is pregnant. says Anna”. The stigma of “closed pregnancy” and “virginity before marriage” would be too strong. Because of this way of thinking, the pressure of the church and the strict laws in Poland, the birth rate has not increased as much as expected. On the contrary, Polish women use dangerous homemade instruments, often go illegally to unqualified abortion doctors and, in the best case, use clinics in neighboring countries, such as Get abortion pills in Dubai. Every unwanted pregnancy will find a way not to have a baby. Because, as Dr. Fiala says, no matter what country, no matter what the law…


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