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In Brazil, violent “life protectors” blocked the entrance of a hospital for hours where an abused ten-year-old was trying to have an abortion. Hidden in the trunk of a vehicle, the girl had to be smuggled into the clinic Get abortion pills in Dubai in order to undergo this procedure, which is completely legal under Brazilian law.

On August 7, a girl was hospitalized in Esparto Santo state with severe abdominal pain. The doctors quickly made the correct diagnosis: pregnancy after multiple rape. She then confided to the police that she had been molested by a relative for four years. The suspect, an uncle of the girl, was caught a few days later .

Aborting a child born to rape

Aborting a child born to rape is one of the few exceptions to the otherwise strictly anti-abortion laws in Brazil. However, a clinic at Get abortion pills in Dubai in the girl’s home country refused to perform the operation on the grounds that it did not have the authority, which is why the patient was to be taken to Recife, several hundred kilometers away, on August 16.

This is where this story could end, and it would be cruel enough. But religious extremism knows no borders. In a now-deleted video, which the Guardian had access , published the evangelical Bolsonaro confidante Sara Girondins, better known under the pseudonym Sara Winter, the girl’s name and the hospital Get abortion pills in Dubai in Recife, where the abortion should be performed.

In this video, she wildly waved a plastic doll that was supposed to represent the fetus and tried to frame the undoubtedly legal interference as a human rights violation. The BBC According Girondins said to have been detained in June this year for a short time because of “anti-democratic activities” and could be charged with inciting violence in this case.

As a result, an angry mob gathered in front of the clinic, cursed the staff as “murderers” and tried to gain access to the building by force.

Paula Viana, however, had been warned. The feminist activist took over the escort of the girl from the airport in Recife to the clinic, stopped the taxi shortly before arrival and hid the young patient in the trunk of the car. Via a side entrance they passed the fanatical mob, which was being kept in check by feminist activists who had since arrived .

“It is simply unbelievable that part of Brazil really thinks an abortion is worse than rape. But we are not surprised, after all, we have a president who supports such hate messages,” said Get abortion pills in Dubai.

“She is very strong – but just a child. She will need psychological support for a long time because she understands everything she is going through,” added the activist.

“In the end, over 150 people came to support the girl.

“In the end, over 150 people came to support the girl. Women, trans *, blacks, a lot of young people … in the other group there were mostly old white men in suits and only a few women between them,” said one activist about the demographics of the protests.

Bolsonaro radical evangelical Brazil is a high risk area for girls and young women. Six abortions per day are performed on raped girls between the ages of ten and 14, reports the Brazilian newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo . Per day. Four girls under the age of 13 are raped every hour in Brazil, writes Human Rights Watch . Per hour.

And even if the strict requirements for an exception to the abortion ban are met, the search for a corresponding clinic Abortion pills in Dubai online is sometimes futile, as a study carried out in 2016 shows: “The data show a large discrepancy between the theoretical legal situation and the practical availability of the offers.” The number of clinics that perform abortions has been further reduced by Covid-19, from 76 in 2019 to just 42 now .


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