It’s a well-established fact that vapes are indeed a better alternative to smoking. However, did you know that apart from being better for your health, vapes are also much more environmentally friendly than smoking? 


Cigarette butts are proven to be the world’s leading plastic polluters. A significant portion of the trillions of cigarette filters used daily is littered instead of proper disposal. Along with the disposal of nicotine, heavy metals, and other dangerous chemicals, this creates a vast amount of pollution.


The littering of cigarette butts harms the environment in more ways than one. It is responsible for inhibiting plant growth, polluting waterways and oceans, thereby destroying marine life, and harming birds who often mistake littered butts for food and consume it.


In addition, tobacco growth also requires a significant amount of deforestation. This has been creating significant problems for the environment, contributing to global warming, and increased pollution levels. Deforestation also causes loss of biodiversity, soil degradation, soil erosion, and increased levels of carbon dioxide gas in the atmosphere.


With so many adverse effects not just on an individual level but also on a collective level, eliminating cigarettes might be the best thing we can do for our health and the environment.


Here’s how you can play your role to preserve the environment with safe methods of vaping.


Recycle Your Vape Products


When you buy your Vapes in Karachi or any other city in Pakistan, make sure you buy from one of the best vape shops in town, that is, E-Lite Cigs. Now the main concern is that once your products have been used, how to dispose of them? Industrial plastic waste is one of the significant environmental threats that our planet is currently facing. 


Recycling your plastic waste from your vape products is quintessential since no other material has as much detrimental impact as plastic. So, recycle your waste, make vaping eco-friendly, and save the planet!  


  • E-Liquids


The majority of the vapers are unaware of the fact that used e-liquid bottles are recyclable! This includes the lid, bottle, outer package, and even the e-liquid! 


Next time you run out of your e-liquid, make your way to E-Lite Cigs. However, before you do that, remember to recycle the old bottles. Avoid throwing the bottles in the garbage. Rinse old bottles to get rid of all residues before recycling.


  • E-Cigarettes


This news might come to you as a shock, but you can also recycle your old e-cigarettes and parts of your vape device. Here’s how you can dispose of your e-cigarettes to keep them eco-friendly.


  1. The first thing you need to do is dismantle all parts. Unscrew all the components by removing the battery, coils, and other metallic parts.
  2. Rinse the tank to remove all residue. 
  3. Recycle the glass, metal, and plastic parts separately.
  4. Recycle the battery separately in a battery recycling bin.
  5. The remaining paper or cardboard packaging is the easiest to recycle, but make sure to recycle it individually. 


Conserve Electricity With E-Cigarettes


Energy production methods are responsible for creating large amounts of fossil fuels. These fossil fuels are polluting the mother earth and damaging it in the worst possible ways. Climate change is one of the most disastrous outcomes. Hence, we need to consciously work on saving energy and decrease the number of carbon footprints as much as we can.


At E-Lite Cigs, we have energy-efficient vaping devices to help you conserve energy. You should also work towards saving as much power as you can. You can turn off the device when you aren’t using it to prolong the battery life. Furthermore, only charge your device to the point it’s full instead of leaving it to charge overnight. 


These tips will help preserve power, reduce the carbon footprint, and also prevent damaged batteries caused by overcharging.


Make Your Own Coils


Buying ready-to-use coils is a great idea unless you prefer rebuildable coils. This can help you with your mission of making vapes more eco-friendly. When you build coils yourself, you can preserve a lot of material and avoid unnecessary waste. Replace the wire and cotton once your coil has been used entirely instead of buying a new coil.


With that said, if we work together, we can indeed create more eco-friendly ways of vaping. Make your way to E-Lite Cigs to get your hands on the finest quality vaping products.

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