Dental implants is another dental treatment where tooth roots are replaced with metal and screwlike posts, replaces damaged or missing teeth are replaced with artificial teeth.This surgery provides a look like real ones.A welcome alternative can be offered to dentures by dental implant surgery which doesn’t fit well.Again it can be offered that a lack of natural doesn’t allow bridgework tooth replacements.

Best Dental Implants in Dubai can perform in many ways.But it depends on two things including type of implant and the condition of our jaw bone. Several procedures might be involved with dental implant.Solid support for our new teeth is the major benefit of implants.To healing tightly around the implant the bone is helped by a process.Because many months can be taken by this process when these bone healing requires.

Causes of dental implants

Dentists place dental implants surgically in our jaw bone.It provides the usefulness of real teeth and serves as the root of missing teeth.This implants are made of titanium.It won’t slip cause born damage the way fixed bridgework.Regular bridgework can support like our own teeth but the materials can’t decay.All patients are not suitable for dental implants.The conditions are:

  • Patients have to have one or two missing teeth.
  • A full growth jaw bone is must.
  • A adequate bone for implant security.
  • Able to have a bone graf.
  • Tissues must be healthy and oral.
  • Bone healing health condition should not have.
  • Unwilling to wear dentures.
  • Speech improving tendency.
  • Want to commit several month.
  • Have to be a non smoker.


A variety of specialists might be involved with the planning process for dental implants.Like a Doctor who is expert in mouth conditions, jaw and face, a treating structured specialist dentist who will support the teeth such as jums and bones, a artificial designer of teeth, a prosthodontist, an ear, nose and throat specialist etc.One or more surgical procedures are required by dental implants.So a thorough evolution must be had to prepare for the process.

  1. Dental exam: Dental exam like dental x-rays and 3D image of teeth is comprehensive before dental implant.Also we need models made of our teeth and jaw.
  2. Medical history review: The doctor will want to know about our medical conditions and any medications we took.Then he will want to know about counter drugs and supplements.We might be prescribed antibiotics before surgery if we have certain heart conditions or orthopaedic implants to prevent infection.
  3. Treatment plan: The treatment plan will depend on how many teeth we need replaced and the condition of our jaw bone.Here our doctor will help us.


There are some health risks in dental implant like any surgery.But the problems are not so major.When they occur they can be easily treated.Some risks are:

  • Implant site infection
  • Blood vessels injury
  • Nerve damage
  • Numbness or tingling in natural teeth jumps leaps

Sometimes we feel pain during surgery.To control the pain we need anaesthesia options.There are many options but our dental specialists will select the best one for us.Our food habits must be needed to control.Our dental team will suggest us about eating and drinking before surgery.It depends on the type of anaesthesia we have.If we have general anaesthesia someone has to take us home after surgery.Then we need a bed rest.

After the procedure

Some experiences might be had about the typical discomforts associated with any type of dental surgery by us when our treatment is on stage or multiple stage.Minor bleeding, implant site pain, skin bruises, swelling of jumps and face are the common problems after dental implants.Then pain medications or antibiotics might be needed to us.If our discomforts get worst feelings it’s better to go our oral surgeon.While the surgical site heals soft foods might be needed to eat.To dissolve our surgeon will use stitches.The doctor will remove the stitches if they aren’t self dissolving.


Hopefully most of the times the implants are successful.But sometimes the bone can’t fuse sufficiently with the metal implants.The main obstacle is smoking.It can contribute the implant failure.The doctor removes the implant when the bone fails to face sufficiently.He will clean up the bone.Then if we want we can try again in about 3 months.We can help dental work if we

  • Practise oral hygiene: We have to keep our implants or artificial teeth clean like our natural teeth.Interdental brush should be used to clean the nooks and crannies around teeth.
  • Visiting dentist regularly: We have to visit dentists for dental check-up so that we can ensure the health and proper functioning of our implant.
  • Avoid damaging habit: Chewing hard items must be avoided.Tooth staining tobacco and caffeine products should not take.

Bottom Line: Any type of dental treatment is a long time process.Dental implant is not also exceptional.So patients must have an idea about the time and cost.

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