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If you own and operate a Sirona CBCT machine or plan to upgrade to one at some point in the future, you will most likely need to export DICOM files to third parties such as patients, referrals, dental labs, and others. Some third parties may need only a viewer to read the DICOM files, whereas others might need the full set of DICOM data files. This short guide will illustrate the steps for extracting DICOM files from Sirona CBCT systems using SIDEXIS software.
About Exporting DICOM Files

If you ever need to send a patient’s dental cone beam scan to a third party, you will need to provide DICOM files (extension .dcm) in order to enable them to view the scan. Since DICOM files represent individual slices of the cone beam scan, there are typically several hundred DICOM files associated with a single scan. Please note that Sirona CBCT systems store DICOM files in SIDEXIS (Sirona’s imaging software) so the files will not be accessible from your practice’s digital dental imaging software.

How to Export DICOM Files from SIDEXIS 4

1. So that the files are easy to find after export, create a new folder on your desktop. Title the folder with the patient’s name or another unique identifier. (Right-click in the background of your desktop, then select new, then folder. You can double click on the name of the folder at any time to name or rename it.)

2. In SIDEXIS 4, open the CBCT volume.

3. At the top of the SIDEXIS 4 window, click the “Export” button. Then choose “DICOM Exam Export”.

4. A window should appear. Click the “Settings” tab. Uncheck everything that’s already checked except “Include Main Volume”.

5. At the top, click the “Export” tab. Make sure the “Anonymization” box is not checked. Click the “Browse” button that has three dots; double-click on the folder you created on your desktop for your patient, and then click “Save”.

6. Click “OK,” which will begin the DICOM export.
7. Finally, import the folder with the images into the third-party software or program.

How to Export DICOM Files from SIDEXIS XG

1. Create a new folder on your desktop. Follow the same steps as Step 1, above; Right-click on the background of your desktop, then click “New,” then “Folder,” and name the folder according to your patient’s name.

2. In SIDEXIS XG, open the patient’s CBCT scan.

3. Select the “Image” menu at the top. Then select “Export DICOM”, and then “Third-Party Volume (DICOM)”.

4. Once the CBCT preview has finished loading, click “OK,” then select “.dcm”.

5. Choose the folder to which you want to export the DICOM files. Click the browse button with three dots on it to browse your desktop’s files. Select the folder you created for your patient by double-clicking on it, then click “Save”.

6. Click “OK” which will begin the export.

7. Finally, import the folder into the intended third-party software or program.

We hope that you found this short guide helpful for the purposes of exporting DICOM files from a Sirona CBCT machine using SIDEXIS software to share with interested third parties. If you purchased your Sirona CBCT system from Renew Digital, you can obtain additional support at or by phone at 888-246-5611.

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