black pepper cashews

Nuts are a common ingredient which is added to any recipe to give extra taste and flavors. At times nuts are added to pasta, favorite cookies, salads, and chicken and beef recipes to give texture to the gravy and aroma to the dish. The bite and base flavor remain the same whereas nuts are combined with honey, chocolate, or spices to give them the delicious flavor. One such flavor added to cashews that gives them the tinge of pepper is the black pepper cashews. Similarly other nuts like almonds, pistachio is roasted in spices to enhance their taste. 

Ways to include nuts in the daily diet- Each nut has a multitude of health benefits. They are naturally rich in carbs and fatty acids like omega 3 which are beneficial for maintaining a healthy heart. Different companies selling nuts online go with the FDA guidelines to pack them with valuable nutrient content like fiber, Vitamins B and E, calcium, zinc, iron and so on. 

These can even go bad when they are eaten in moderation as they are dense in calories or may give some allergic reactions to some people. Thus, nuts should be handled with care in routine diet. There are many ways the nuts like almonds, cashews, walnuts, etc can be added to the daily routine diet to get the benefits out of them.

  • Taking a handful of dry or roasted nuts are beneficial instead of munching over biscuits and chocolates for both kids and adults. 
  • The low-energy dense food items like some vegetables can be topped with roasted nuts to add some value to the food. Adding nuts and seeds to salads are fillers to the hunger sprang.
  • Nuts and seeds are considered to be the best substitute to the fish, meat or eggs. They are rich in protein and contain fat, iron, protein and zinc that is healthy for the diet. 
  • Nuts are said to be beneficial when taken with vitamin C. Sources like tomatoes, oranges and citrus juices with nuts helps absorb iron easily by the body.
  • The best way to add nuts in diet is to eat them raw. For those who don’t get time to roast the nuts or add flavors can order online good brands of dry fruits. Or else these nuts can be eaten with their skin on. It is said that the skin of nuts is rich in antioxidants and have anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Intake of salted nuts are not recommended for people with high blood pressure levels. Thus, try eating them in their original form. 
  • Add nuts to steamed vegetables, yogurt toppings, top them up on salads, have nutty desserts, eat nuts early morning on empty stomach, and so on, to reap the benefits of nuts and seeds.

Thus, nuts are good source of dietary proteins. Go try with pepper cashews, roasted almonds, other flavored snacky nuts for a crunchier, yummier and healthier snack time option. Carry nuts while traveling as they give a feeling of fullness and have high energy levels.

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