How should I proceed? Step 1: Get the pregnancy confirmed The first thing to do is to do a pregnancy test. The test creates clarity. The earliest possible time to do so is a few days after you have stopped menstruating. Pregnancy tests are available in pharmacies, drug stores and some Pregnancy abortion tablets in UAE. If you menstruate regularly, you can calculate how far your pregnancy has progressed: just count the days since you last menstruated. If the test is positive, have the pregnancy confirmed in a hospital or a doctor’s office. As a rule, the doctor will carry out an ultrasound examination. This investigation confirms the pregnancy. Determines the length of pregnancy (pregnancy week).shows whether the pregnancy is developing correctly (excluding an ectopic pregnancy). Find out more about the procedure for an abortion on this website Pregnancy abortion tablets in UAE or at a recognized pregnancy counseling center . The terminations are carried out in hospitals or medical practices, depending on the canton. Important to know: You have the right to know where to have an abortion. Step 2: Exercise your right to free advice Do you have any questions or concerns about the demolition? You and those around you are entitled to free and confidential advice from a recognized advice Pregnancy abortion tablets in UAE center on pregnancy . Federal law assures you of this. This advice is voluntary. Goals of the consultation:
  • Support a self-determined decision
  • Support during the decision-making process if the decision has not yet been made
  • At the request of the pregnant woman: Involvement of the partner in the decision-making process. Partners can also make an appointment for themselves.
  • Correct information about the risks and methods of termination of pregnancy
  • At the request of the pregnant woman: information on alternatives (adoption, confidential birth) and corresponding offers of help
  • Assistance with financial difficulties related to pregnancy
  • Discuss any psychological stress
  • Removing the taboo on abortion: Burdens also arise from stigmatization and taboos
  • Clarify whether third parties are trying to exert pressure
  • Help and support in the event of abusive sexual relationships
  • Providing external help if necessary
  • Assistance in arranging the appointment
  • Information about contraceptives
Step 3: Arrange the preliminary talk, the appointment and the follow-up check Before the termination of the pregnancy, the doctor at Pregnancy abortion tablets in UAE must have a detailed discussion with the woman. This interview is compulsory according to Swiss criminal law. You will receive information about the medical risks. You will be given advice on contraception methods. The interview can take place a few days in advance or just before the cancellation. Here you confirm that you want to carry out the cancellation according to the agreed method. Risks and complications are rare. To be on the safe side, a follow-up check will take place a few days after the treatment. Important to know: Termination of pregnancy does not affect the woman’s fertility; even if this is sometimes presented differently on the Internet. An abortion is covered by the basic insurance (after deducting the deductible and the deductible). If you have financial difficulties in connection with the abortion: Contact a pregnancy counseling center Pregnancy abortion tablets in UAE . They will work with you to find a solution. Methods of termination of pregnancy There are two common methods of performing an abortion:
  • The drug method
  • The surgical method
The choice of method depends on several factors: Which method do you prefer? What week of pregnancy are you in? Do you have illnesses or other risk factors? In a medical consultation, we will clarify with you what options you have. 95 percent of all abortions in Switzerland are carried out within the first 12 weeks. Three quarters with the drug method. Both methods of termination of pregnancy have advantages and disadvantages. And both methods can have side effects. You can obtain more information from your doctor or from the pregnancy advice center . Drug termination of pregnancy in early pregnancy The medical termination of pregnancy is carried out up to the 7th week of pregnancy. In many hospitals or medical practices Get abortion pills in Dubai you can get the medication up to the 9th week. Inquire! This method requires two different drugs to be taken 36 to 48 hours apart. Depending on the local conditions, you can take the medication in the doctor’s office, in the hospital or at home. Taking Mifegyne® (mifepristone) stops the pregnancy from developing. After 36 to 48 hours, taking Cytotec® (misoprostol) causes the uterus to contract. This triggers bleeding and the pregnancy is expelled. For most women, this happens within 3 to 4 hours. Important to know: Drug termination can be associated with heavy bleeding, pain and / or other unpleasant side effects (nausea, vomiting, cramps, diarrhea). You will be given pain relievers and other medications if necessary. The medical termination of pregnancy can in rare cases be incomplete. This may require surgery. A follow-up check is therefore essential. Contact You can obtain free confidential advice on pregnancy and other sexual health issues from the cantonally recognized advice centers Get abortion pills in Dubai for sexual health. Or contact your doctor. They are all subject to confidentiality. Find advice center

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