Although the vast majority of people who vape are looking for user-friendly devices. People loving vaping always look for something more to make their vaping experience exciting. Here, we are talking about Mods. They are currently the most common devices, in addition to being at the top of vaping innovation. With this, nicotine-free liquids are most commonly used. The reason is simple; these devices provide the delicious flavors and vapor production necessary to give the user a satisfactory vaping experience. An interesting aspect is that you don’t have to add something else, such as nicotine.  

Mods and Pods

Mods and Pods are far apart in sizes and types of vaping. Pods are more compact, simpler, and are typically intended for mouth-lung vaping, combining perfectly with nicotine salts. 

If you have a Mod with a sub-ohm tank, you should not vape nicotine salts. These Smoke Vape or pods have a lot of power, so the nicotine absorption can be very high. Therefore, you may expose to side effects, including nausea and dizziness. 

You can find some sub-ohm tanks with resistances. These tanks allow vaping at low power, allowing the use of nicotine salts. Remember that you should not use nicotine slats with resistances less than 1.0ohm.     

Therefore, Mods usually use liquids with very low nicotine levels, typically between 0 mg/ml and 6 mg/ml.  

Difference between Mod and Pod

Mods attach the tank to the device via the 510 thread batteries, whereas Pods have cartridges that snap onto the device or via magnets. Based on the 510 thread, a Mod can use many atomizers, whereas a Pod can only use the type of cartridges specially designed for that device.  

Another positive aspect that the Mods had earlier was the possibility of having interchangeable resistors.

Earlier, cartridges (pods) were available with more than one type of resistor since brands tended to reach the masses. However, disposing of the cartridge every time was essential. Therefore, the useful life of resistance was shattered, and it was something that thrown back to many users.

Now, you can find more innovative Pods in the market. These Pods are available with open cartridges. It means you can change the resistors, and you don’t have to discard the cartridge when the previous resistance no longer works.  

However, Mods are still the best option due to their batteries and the amount of power output. These aspects allow the flavor to be better transmitted and create large clouds of vapor.

Pod Mods

Over time, the devices have been shrinking in size and becoming increasingly compact and comfortable to carry. However, some of them have regained some of their sizes to gain excellent performance and versatility. The battery size does not change. So, if you want a powerful device with great autonomy, it will be bigger than a cigarette lighter like some Pods were. 

At present, the Pod Mods have innovatively united the best aspects of both types of devices. They remain compact and ergonomic, and it means you can easily carry when you go outside. You can also find greater autonomy than the most compact pods. And they have also added the Mods’ characteristics. They usually have a screen and allow power adjustment, depending on your desired vaping experience. They tend to get higher powers and carry sub-ohm resistances, so they get better flavor and a copious amount of vapor. You can also use liquids with a higher percentage of vegetable glycerin. If you want to use nicotine salts, you can as well.

Vape Cave has a wide range of devices of all kinds, allowing us to adapt to the vaping of different vaping lovers. Whether you are a new vape user or an expert, we understand your needs, and we are committed to making your vaping experience so exciting. 

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