Loulouka Organic Formula:

Loulouka Organic Formula is a healthy, balanced baby formula made exclusively from the highest quality natural ingredients and organic dairy cows’ milk, ideally sourced in Switzerland, specially designed for your growing child’s delicate needs. From birth to end, babies require a specific number of vitamins, minerals, and fats. Only the best can meet these criteria and Loulouka delivers.

Important Note:

The most important aspect of Loulouka Stage 1 is that it contains no artificial colors or flavorings. Each and every lactose-free blend is created with the sole intention of offering complete and balanced nutrition for your growing child. For instance, there are no sugars added which makes this the perfect option for infants and toddlers who have sensitive tummies. This is also a great option for those with digestive issues or heart disease since Loulouka contains no gluten. Lactose-free is the perfect choice for little ones as studies show that even young infants who had gluten intolerance developed normal and healthy bowel movements.

Loulouka Stage 1:

Loulouka Stage 1 also contains no artificial sweeteners, flavors, or coloring. Every single ingredient is carefully chosen and all are carefully blended to offer an incomparable taste for your precious little one. The result is an extremely smooth, creamy, and tasty beverage. With Loulouka Stage 1, you will be sure to give your infant the healthiest beverage they have ever tasted.

Examine Stages:

As you begin your transition into Loulouka Stage 1 organic milk, there are some important things to remember to make this experience smooth, delicious, and most importantly safe for your precious infant. When feeding your child at home, it is important to start at the beginning, which is with breast milk. Begin by using the lowest serving size of formula and gradually increasing the serving size as your baby gets older. Always use a reputable brand and blend the first two weeks with the last two weeks using Loulouka. This allows your little infant time to become accustomed to Loulouka before transitioning into Stage 2 – the soy option.

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Growth of Baby:

After your little one has grown accustomed to Loulouka, you may consider switching to a soy blend. Soy is very digestible and offers a wider range of nutrients than lactose. If you follow these simple guidelines when blending your baby’s diet from start to finish, your infant will develop a strong immune system, a strong sense of smell, strong tooth development, will be ready for the third stage of Loulouka – breast feeding – and will be ready for the third stage of Loulouka – soy blend feeding. It is important that you follow the same guidelines for breastfeeding that you did when your child was young so that your infant’s immunity will remain at a high level and they will grow at an appropriate rate.

3rd Stages:

Once your baby has successfully reached the third stage of Loulouka formula, you may consider using the Soya option, if the health of your infant is not optimal. Again, following the same guidelines as you did in stage one, start by feeding one day early. If you have already done this, wait until your baby has stopped crying for three different days. If your child is still not eating, you will need to blend a soy milk product (such as Lactaid) to create a thick consistency and introduce solids a week later, following the same procedure as you did in stage one.

During Breast Feeding:

Stage 2 – Using Loulouka during Breast Feeding If your infant is not eating well or is having moderate symptoms of allergic reactions to formula, Loulouka can still be beneficial to you in two different ways. First, once your child has finished the first three months of Loulouka, you can slowly convert him or her to a solid food routine. If your baby has been exclusively fed breast milk or rice cereal for at least two weeks, he or she may be ready for solids. To do this, add three tablespoons of powdered formula to your child’s usual daily diet. This can be made into a pasteurized paste by blending milk, rice cereal, or soy milk powder, according to your infants’ needs.

Nurse your Baby:

Stage 3 – Using Loulouka in Place of Breastfeeding You may continue to nurse your baby for the first two months after he or she has started to eat solid foods. You should keep up with the Loulouka stage by combining breast milk with fruit juices every day and making sure that he or she receives his or her usual dose of formula. After your baby has graduated to solids, you can make the transition back to breast milk, but only after you have given him or her the appropriate amounts of Loulouka. He or she will most likely refuse to consume formula if you have not completely converted him or her to it.

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