We often ignore toothaches because they do not seem like a serious problem in the initial stages. A toothache may be due to a temporary sensitivity, which may resolve itself in a few days. However, some toothaches start as a mild pain but turn intense with each passing day. This is a worrisome situation and you may need to visit a dentist to explore the underlying cause of your toothache and get appropriate treatment.

You can avail an Emergency Dentist in The Oldham region through Emerdency and get investigated for your toothache. Below, we will discuss some common underlying conditions that express themselves in the form of a toothache.

  • Cavities:

A cavity in the tooth is developed due to poor hygiene and excessive intake of sugary foods. If you eat candies and drink sodas on a daily basis and do not follow proper brushing twice a day, you may be inviting bacteria in your mouth. 

Bacteria cause inflammation of gums and the root of teeth, which results in pain. Because the UK’s population loves to eat desserts and sweets, we have been recording an increasing number of cavities in recent years. 

The surface of the tooth and enamel gets damaged in tooth decay and develops small holes within the cavity. These perforations cause sharp pain that can only be relieved by visiting a dentist and getting appropriate treatment.

  • Disease Of The Gum:

There are two major forms of gum disease. A mild form called gingivitis and a more severe infection called periodontitis. Gum tenderness is noticed in gingivitis, whereas periodontitis is indicated by a more severe form of tooth pain.

In gingivitis, bad breath and bleeding gums are common symptoms. In addition to these, swelling, discolouration and tenderness of gums is also observed. Pain during chewing is often a symptom of periodontitis which is characterised by loose teeth, spacing and pus between teeth and gums. Both of these gum diseases can result in severe toothache, which can lead to sleepless nights and an inability to eat properly.

  • Sinus Congestion:

This might be a bit unexpected as most people would think that sinuses are located within facial cavities, why would they affect one’s oral health. However, a condition called sinusitis is characterised by inflammation and infection within the sinuses and can be a cause of toothache. The pressure that builds within your sinuses in sinusitis can trigger pain in the tooth. The pain can travel from sinuses and travel up the oral cavity and into the tooth. The roots of the teeth are close to the maxillary sinuses and can be readily affected by a condition of the sinuses.

  • Grinding Teeth:

Teeth grinding is also called Bruxism and can happen to anyone. The condition is developed due to consistent grinding of the teeth due to excessive stressing, caffeine intake and other triggers. If you notice that you are developing the habit of grinding your teeth, try to stop whenever you become aware of this. Additionally, ask your family members to point it out when necessary.

When you grind your teeth regularly and excessively, it results in toothache. Pain arising from the tooth and spreading around the jaw is commonly noticed among people who constantly grind their teeth. Facial pain, headaches and worn-out teeth are some other symptoms associated with teeth grinding. 

  • Bad Bite Or Wisdom Tooth:

When an individual has misaligned teeth in both jaws that are creating pressure on each other, it is called “malocclusion” or “bad bite”. This condition can be a trigger for pain in the tooth. Misaligned teeth are often treated by placement of braces but the pain in the mouth, tooth and gum caused by braces is another struggle.

Another situation that can result in severe tooth pain is an impacted wisdom tooth. Such a tooth pushes the other teeth and oozes below the gum line, causing swelling and pain. Surgical treatment for an impacted wisdom tooth is now a common practice and often resolves the problem effectively.


So if you’ve been facing a toothache that does not seem to disappear, consider visiting your dentist. A progressive toothache is always an indication of an underlying condition that needs fixation. If you need help with your pain, Emerdency is available at your fingertips. Try our online dental emergency services, and we assure you that we will fix your toothache or other dental issues you may be experiencing.

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