Abortion: precisely regulated

An unwanted pregnancy can be very stressful for a woman. Under certain conditions it is therefore possible in Dubai to have the pregnancy terminated by a doctor at Abortion tablets in Dubai. Nevertheless, the procedure, also known as “abortion”, is an ethical dilemma, which is why it was forbidden for a long time and is still extremely controversial between followers of different worldviews or beliefs. The Federal Joint Committee also points out that an abortion should not be a method of regulating the birth rate.

In Dubai , every woman who wants to terminate a pregnancy has to seek advice Abortion tablets in Dubai and then observe a three-day waiting period. Around 100,000 pregnancies are currently terminated in Dubai each year, i.e. around one in nine. The absolute number of abortions has been falling for years, but this is also associated with the overall decline in pregnancies.

Under what conditions can a pregnancy be terminated?

The woman took part in conflict counseling and is still within the first twelve weeks of conception. The woman does not need to give any special reasons for the abortion. This social indication for termination of pregnancy is by far the most common at 96 percent. This exception is a legal compromise: In this case, the intervention is considered illegal but not punishable.

Pregnancy poses a threat to the life or physical or mental health of the woman. This medical indication is usually also used when the growing child has a serious illness or disability. However, the justification does not refer to the medical disorder of the child, but to the resulting stress on the woman in the sense mentioned. The termination can then take place much later – in principle not until the onset of labor. So-called late terminations for medical reasons are usually carried out up to the 24th week of pregnancy.

The pregnancy resulted from a rape. In this case, the termination can also be carried out in the first twelve weeks after conception.

In the case of the last two exceptions, the statutory health insurance companies cover the costs Abortion tablets in Dubai. In the case of the social indication, women are only entitled to benefits if they “cannot be expected to raise funds for the termination of a pregnancy” (Section 19 Pregnancy Conflicts Act).

How does the consultation work?

According to the penal code, the woman must take part in a pregnancy conflict counseling (SKB) in a state-recognized body in order to have the abortion carried out without punishment. In this conversation, the emotional, social or partnership conflict that exists due to pregnancy comes up. The women should be helped to assess this from alternative perspectives and possibly to find other solutions than the termination. On request, the woman can receive information on social and financial help that would make motherhood easier.

The decision for or against the termination is left to the woman without judgment. The conversation is subject to confidentiality. Third parties – such as the child’s father – are only allowed to participate if the woman so wishes. After the consultation, the woman receives a certificate stating that the procedure can be carried out by the doctor.

In the case of a medical indication, pregnancy conflict counseling Abortion tablets in Dubai does not have to be carried out. However, it is legally stipulated that the indication for termination of pregnancy may not be made by the doctor who is performing the procedure, i.e. discussions with at least two doctors must take place.

How is the cancellation done?

There are several abortion techniques Get abortion pills in Dubai  available. In Dubai , the child is usually sucked out. The doctor expands the cervix a little and removes the embryo with a so-called suction curettage. The procedure is usually performed under a brief general anesthetic.

Termination of pregnancy using suction curettage

A scraping (curettage), on the other hand, is usually only done when larger pieces of tissue have to be removed.

There is also the possibility of an abortion with medication: the active ingredient mifepristone causes the fertilized egg cell to be rejected. Prostaglandins then taken under medical supervision trigger labor. There is an early abortion. Suction and curettage can be used up to the 14th week of pregnancy; the dosage of medicinal methods is adjusted depending on the week of pregnancy.

What are the risks for women?

The complication and death rate of an illegally and improperly performed abortion is extremely high, which was a major reason for gradually liberalizing the relevant legal situation. Because if the procedure is carried out properly, there are only minor risks for the woman.

However, abortion by suction or scraping can cause problems in the following pregnancies: The risk of premature births increases. If deeper layers of the uterus are also injured during curettage, this can trigger adhesions and adhesions. This increases the risk of miscarriages in later pregnancies . As with other surgical procedures, infections, bleeding and prolonged abdominal pain can also occur.

When the pregnancy is terminated with drugs, there is usually a heavy menstrual period. Abdominal cramps and nausea also occur. Occasionally, a subsequent curettage is necessary. And of course, any type of abortion can be an enormous psychological burden for women. Advice centers Get abortion pills in Dubai that offer psychological support in the event of an abortion can be arranged by any gynecologist.


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