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Being a new mom, there are things we have to focus on prior to the day our baby will be born. And one of those is the nursery planning we have to pencil in together with the other to-do list that needs to be accomplished before the 9th month arrives. It isn’t easy but it could be fun. Some would find it a topper on other expenses that comes along with the birth of a child. However, there are a lot of cost-effective ways of preparing your child’s nursery, if you only know where to look and what to look for.

Choose A Two-Piece Set
A baby crib with a dresser is just one of the many options you would want when purchasing nursery furniture items. Also, if you buy a set, you will already have an idea of what the room must look like. Typically, a two-piece set has the same finishes and the same style. So, if you get a set that is whitewashed with little French details that somehow brings back some old fond childhood memories, then the nursery theme calls for a French provincial style. It’s also better if you pick a set with a double dresser, doing so will give you ample space for baby clothes and other essentials.

Try a Three-Piece Set
A three-piece set typically comes in a baby crib with a dresser and a chifferobe. A chifferobe is a bigger and taller furniture item that features spacious drawer storage and a cabinet area with shelving for convenient storage of all baby items and other essentials. Now, this only works for a spacious nursery, but if you’re living in a small apartment, you have to make do with the available space allotted for you. A three-piece set is also great for planning your nursery theme, they could become the three main focal points of the room and the rest will just follow. You’ll also save a lot of money with a set since they are priced fairly and you won’t have to stress yourself looking for other furniture items that would match with the crib since they all have the same style.

A Mini Convertible Crib
For a really small apartment, you can opt for a mini convertible crib since they can add extra square footage to the room. Some of them come with a detachable changer and a couple of drawers to put the essentials in. It also grows with the baby so when the baby reaches toddler age, you can just adjust the mattress position once the baby is able to sit and stand on his own. The detachable changer will also serve as a mini nightstand once the baby stops using it. You can move it to your room or keep it in your baby’s room so there will still be uniformity with the furniture item in there.

It really isn’t hard to style your baby’s nursery. You just pick the appropriate furniture items and you’re all set. Check out Kids N’ Cribs for your one-stop baby furniture shop.

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