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We have all at least once witnessed little showy plants in green colour in someone’s office, or on hotel desks or in cabins or used as a showpiece anywhere. One of those plants is recognised as Dracaena Colorama, it is curated for indoor usage. Unlike other plants, it doesn’t grow in soil or needs any special attention or maintenance while growing. People use it to make their homes look more green and adorable on the same side. Also, hotels use it to attract clients, it creates a different vibe and a person is automatically attracted towards it. If you are a plant lover, but you are working and you have minimal time to take care of your plans, you can bring home a bunch of dracaena Colorama as it will help in fulfilling your plant fantasies and requires minimal maintenance. This plant looks very leafy in appearance and is full of green tones but its roots appear to be red. The Dracaena Colorama green is the most beautiful member of the in-house plant’s team. Your mood and enthusiasm will be automatically enlightened when you will bring home this little thing in your house. It is a fact that whenever we see greenery around us, we feel more peaceful and it helps in keeping our mind and body calm. Even if you are not a plant lover or you don’t love showy pieces, you should bring them home because of your peace of mind. 

Let us talk about the little tips and tricks to be kept in mind while taking care of the Dracaena Colorama:-

Bright but indirect light

The plants that we grow in our gardens or we see in our parks or anywhere outside now that they go through the process of photosynthesis to grow well. But in the case of Dracaena Colorama, they require sunlight like any other plant. But the sunlight should be indirect, it shouldn’t hit the plants directly. Also, the sun rays should be bright enough, so that the roots and leaves of the plants can feel warmer, which will enhance their growth.

Water Requirements 

Dracaena Colorama requires a minimal amount of maintenance and therefore requires the minimum amount of water to grow. One thing that we have to keep in mind while taking care of this plant is that the soil should not be soggy instead should be moist. You can water the plant once or twice a week so that it has gaps between the watering which will make the soil dry. These plants remain the happiest when their soil is moist, so you have to take care that you don’t water the plants frequently and with the minimum gap. Therefore, contact us and get the immediate online plant delivery for the one that suits as per your area.

The right place for Dracaena Colorama 

You should place the plant in such a part of your house which receives direct sunlight. These plants refer to the temperature between 60 to 70° Fahrenheit. Also, the plants can be kept in our unit region of your house. It can also be placed in your rooms where there is moist humidity.

So these are the pointers that you can use while taking care of your plant. Dracaena Colorama is one of the most beautiful insider plants. You can buy dracaena Colorama via online sites and bring home the green beauty. 

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