Tilt and Turn Windows

Nature has a calming property that affects the human brain and enhances productivity at work. What is a better way to connect with nature during work than beautiful open windows? Workspace designs that consider natural light, views, and air quality can significantly affect the health and wellbeing of an employee. A tilt and turn window not only increases the beauty of offices but is also highly functional and energy-efficient. These aluminum windows open in two ways depending upon the position of the hinge and can provide more benefits than other conventional windows. 

Listed below are a few reasons why you should install tilt and turn windows in your office. Let’s see!

It keeps your office fresh.

One of the most versatile features of a tilt and turn window is its varied type of ventilation. A slight tilt on the hinge attached to the aluminum frame allows maximum ventilation enabling hot air to escape through it quickly. The turn function thereby creates ample airflow allowing maximum ventilation. This dual feature of the window can help you control your work environment with precision.

Secures your private space

A secure window must be your utmost priority for offices that deal in luxury goods, precious stones, jewelry, or high-risk items. Considering your safety, tilt and turn windows come with more significant advantages. The crescent lock feature and high-quality metal durability ensure protection against intruders from breaking into your office.

Designs to suit your aesthetics.

Various aluminum window designs in different colors, styles, and frame choices allow you to match your office interiors and create a modern high-end look. If privacy is your concern, you can also choose different glass frames to allow natural light in without compromising your privacy. Depending on the structure and design you select, tilt and turn window price depends accordingly. Suiting your style and expectation, tilt and turn windows can be customized, therefore.

Workspace temperature under your control

Another added benefit of a tilt and turn window include its increased energy efficiency. Patent Texguard coating ensures color retention, and rubber gasket seals against dust, noise, and water. The airtight seal of the window reduces your office space’s heating and cooling cost, where you can save energy up to 40% or even more.

Easy to maintain and Environment friendly

Tilt and turn windows are easy to maintain and clean from both sides. The aluminum frame windows are robust and durable and include thermal resistance, water penetration, and wind loading to ensure a long-lasting product. Additionally, the aluminum frames can be recycled multiple times, making them highly sustainable for the environment. As many corporations are taking initiatives to contribute to the eco-friendly environment, this could be a significant step to start!  


Tilt and turn windows have more to offer rather than just the list mentioned above. It’s built not just for use in office spaces but for your entire house and lounge spaces.

Look for options that suit your requirement and make your decision accordingly. Aiming to achieve a new environment in your office is more accessible now! We’re right here to respond to your queries and questions.

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