Cleaning Lounge Upholstered Furniture

When your living room upholstered furniture gets dirty, it’s easy to panic. Furniture can be very expensive and it can make a room look completely uniform. You might have a white sofa that’s been spilled over with red wine. Maybe a pet has caused an accident on your favorite armchair. Maybe a child has dropped biscuit crumbs on your favorite sofa. Cleaning your lounge upholstery doesn’t have to be a nightmare and you don’t have to cover everything with heavy plastic.

Cleaning code

Most upholstery has a cleaning code on the label. These codes are an easy-to-read indicator of how your furniture should be treated.

W: Clean with water only. Fabric can be damaged by solvents or detergents.

S: This fabric can be cleaned with solvents.

X: It’s time to call in the professionals. Water or solvents can cause problems.

It’s best to test the furniture in place before using a cleaning product. Try using the solvent on a part of the furniture that is not normally visible. This will help you identify any side effects of the cleaner.

Use of vacuum cleaner

When cleaning lounge upholstery furniture, first remove dirt, dander, and debris with a vacuum cleaner, a dustpan, or a cloth suitable for cleaning fabrics. This way, you won’t rub the dirt into the fabric of the sofa and won’t have to clean it in the future.

If you come across a stain or streak, commercial cleaners are available in various shops. You can also make your own solvent from washing up liquid and hot water. Some people use diluted vinegar with success. What you use to fight the stain depends largely on the type of stain it is, but the cleaning procedure is generally the same:

– Apply the solution to the stain.

– Let the solution sit for a few minutes so that it can penetrate the fabric and dissolve the stain.

– Gently remove the solution (and hopefully the stain) with a soft sponge, without pressing too hard.

Steam Cleaner

In most cases, you should avoid using a commercial steam cleaner. These cleaners can remove stains, but they can leave behind mold and moisture. In extreme cases, mold can form, which can affect family allergies.

If you are faced with a severe stain that cannot be removed by any means, you should call in a professional. It usually costs much less than you think and you can be sure that the stain will disappear.



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