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Some people think neutral interiors to be dull or lifeless designs. This perception is further from the truth. In recent years, people have shown a positive response towards neutral tiles and using them mainly for bedrooms, & commercial spaces. In winters, neutral shades give you that cozy feel and create an everlasting impact on the onlooker’s hearts. Plus, the love for hexagon tiles has prompted people to use them wherever it’s possible. In this blog, I will cover up some best hexagon tile backsplash shades. 

The List of Imposing Neutrals 

Below are the less-known color tiles that nobody is going to tell you. You need to do some more research on the tile shades and make a unique decision when decorating your homes. Well, the guide reduces your efforts and helps you with a list of astonishing hexagon tile hues. 

Pumpkin Spice

When you are near to autumn, then you may feel that everything turns into pumpkin spice. Moreover, restaurants & cafes start following the pumpkin spice theme that brings joy to the hearts. Similarly, the hexagon backsplash in pumpkin spice shade will deliver eternal happiness.


Oak Buff

Many people love this natural tone color, but they are unknown about the color. It’s a tan neutral that is enough to draw attention. The color renders prominent warmth, which makes your winters more special. This wonderful shade fits many design schemes. That’s why interior designers use these color tiles in many big commercial spaces. 


Autumn Maple

I remember this tremendous shade shining in Pantone’s Fall 2017 collection colors. Well, it’s not your regular average brown shade. It’s a vibrant orange-brown combination that will steal your heart at first glance. You will fall in love whenever your eyes get on this shade. Time to think about the hexagon tile backsplash in this unimaginable color and make your room look different from your surrounded neighbors.  

Fall Leaf

Are you looking for a muted yellow or something near to tan? Then fall a leaf is an ideal option that fits your personalized interior needs. The color is not known to many people, so using the shade means standing out from over 90 percent of the crowd. The glimpse of yellow delivers an elite attitude that makes your room cozy and classy.

Autumn Leaf

If you adore the reddish tone mixed with brown, then the autumn leaf is your color. Choose the tile of this lovely shade and fill your room with warm and inviting vibes. Enhance the room with a few handcrafted home decors and see the contemporary glance your room will offer. 

Harvest Gold

Another beautiful tone is the harvest gold. It has a metallic glimpse and is a great option for your bedroom. You can find the tile in this extraordinary shade and create an illusion of ample space. 

This was the end of the blog, and I hope you get to meet some new neutrals which you have hardly thought of. In case you have some better options, then do share as I am always excited to learn about different colors. Time to redesign with these new neutral tone tiles.

By Adam

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