Trees are great for the environment, but over time some trees in an urban environment can become dangerous to people and surrounding structures. Therefore, it is important to work with a suitably qualified arborist Sydney to identify and reduce the risks posed by trees.

So if you’re a government agency, town council, or property manager, you need an expert on board to deal with trees that are beginning to pose a threat in areas under your control.

Some of the important things you need to define before joining a tree service company are detailed below.

All necessary insurance

Insurance is a basic requirement for all tree care companies. If they do not have adequate insurance, you may have to pay for any damage they have unintentionally caused to your property, employees or members of the public.

By law, arbitrators must at least have liability and workers compensation insurance. This should include you if anything goes wrong while working on your website.

Great reviews and recommendations

These days, it’s easy to find online reviews for just about anything. Take a look at the company in question and pay attention to what its customers are saying. Don’t let negative reviews put you off immediately, read on to see if the tree cleaning service has fixed any problems.

A reputable tree handler will be happy to provide you with contact information for some of their clients who have done similar work. You have the right to know first-hand what these clients have to say.

Similarly, when applying to a company for a permanent professional tree management contract, ask for references that cover projects of a similar scope to yours.

These recommendations will give you a great idea of ​​what to expect from a customer service perspective and help you gauge how people feel about the job at hand. Ask detailed questions to make sure your timber service has the skills and experience to efficiently and safely manage your project and property.

It’s easy to tell if someone is enthusiastic about referring to the company or is just making moves.

The latest woodworking equipment

Safety is paramount when it comes to tree services. All employees must have appropriate PPE on hand in accordance with WHS regulations. No company deserves your job if it doesn’t put the safety of its employees first.

Ask questions about the type of equipment they will be using to get the job done and ask them to explain the process to you. This is a good opportunity to make sure you are on the same page as required. You should also ask yourself if they have the necessary equipment to handle multi-dimensional projects based on your needs.

Trucks, wood chippers, elevated work platforms, log shredders, and cranes are some of the essential items commercial arborist Sydney should have in their toolbox. It is also important that all this equipment is of high quality, well-kept and safe for the job it was designed for.

Experience and qualifications

Make sure the tree care company you’re considering hiring knows what they’re doing. Your review and referral research will provide clear clues to what you’re dealing with, but you should also check your credentials.

ISO accreditations are essential when looking for a commercial timber service. These processes and standards include ISO accreditation for quality, environment and security. To be formally accredited, they must be certified by an independent auditor.

Unskilled and / or inexperienced workers can cause serious damage to property or trees. The company must be affiliated or a member of a reputable industry body such as Arboriculture Australia or the Tree Contractors Association. They should also only employ qualified, appropriately trained persons.

Some of the qualifications to look for are:

II certificate in the kindergarten for earthworks

Certificate III in the Nursery Certificate for climbing inspection and research.

Certified in Arboriculture V for advice and reporting.

Price and paperwork

Never choose a tree care company just because it’s the cheapest option. Like most things, the cheapest service is seldom the best. However, you don’t want to get fooled, so let the rest of your research determine your final decision.

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