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Neon lights are known for their cool and customized illumination that suits both personal and commercial places. Gone are those days when their customization was hard and affordable for commercial promotional use only. Time has changed a lot now because neon light makers are now using LED technology. This technology has made neon signs highly customizable, durable and affordable to almost everyone. If you need some information before  buying a neon sign, please scroll down. 

Conventional Neon Signs 

Neon lights for commercial use were introduced in 1923 and they also occupied a wide criteria of the market. In the beginning, glass tubes were used to create special signs and filament illuminate them.  They were made of glass tubes with electrodes on both ends and inert gases inside. Depending on the phrase to be shown on the sign, the glass tubes are constructed in various designs. To make a multicoloured sign, different inert gases were needed. Along with the complicated manufacturing process, they were also fragile.

Modern LED neon lights

The fusion of LED technology with neon has completely transformed this industry. The appearance of LED neon light signs is identical to that of traditional neon signs. An inexperienced eye may not be able to distinguish between the two. The two, however, are not constructed in the same way. LED neon light signs are produced with flexible LED neon light strips rather than gas-filled glass tubes.

The neon light strips powered by LED have flexibility that allows them to be bent into various letters or shapes to create a sign. When the sign is finished, the LED neon lights’ power source is turned on, and the sign comes to life. Different colours can be displayed with RGB LED neon lights or RGBW neon lights, much like in traditional neon signs.

Applications of neon lights 

  • Commercial Advertisement 

Advertisement remained the primary market of neon lights since their introduction to the market. Neon signs fit all of the criteria for an effective marketing tool. They are eye-catching and may plainly transmit a message. They are also a cost-effective medium, as a neon sign is a one-time investment that illuminates your brand for decades. 

  • Home Decoration

Since the introduction of LED neon lights, their use for personal use has also increased a lot.. This is due to the fact that they are simpler to build and may be built in a variety of sizes. They’re also suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

A neon sign can be utilised as a fascinating method to lightly illuminate an area or to enhance a feature wall in home decor. Neon signs are increasingly a popular choice for a photo area backdrop at occasions such as weddings and parties. During the holidays, they can also be used as festive decorations on building facades or in parks to display season’s greetings.

While searching for a neon sign maker online, make sure enough customization options are available to choose from. If you need them in bulk for commercial use, leverage the advantage of bulk orders while bargaining skills.

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