Even though vaping has been around for some time, there’s a lot more room for it to grow. This means that new entrants shall enter the scene and would want to experience it. If you are a vape business owner, then you have a heavy liability to guide the newbies properly.

Vape shops are usually the first contact point of a new entrant. As a business owner, if you get them the best experience, you can score a loyal customer for a long time. In this article, we shall help you enhance the experience of a newcomer to the vaping scene.

Here’s how you can make a newbie’s experience enchanting with vapes:

Ask them about their purpose

Knowing the purpose is the first thing that can help decide someone’s vaping needs. 

Is the person trying to quit smoking? Is the person in to become a part of the community? Or are they here to just enjoy the experience.

Inquire these details and then offer them the products that sit right with their requirements. If they are looking to quit cigarettes, then the pod systems with salt nic flavors shall be the best for them. If they are in for the community, then traditional regulated mods may offer them a premium experience.

Be cautious though, just tell them about the possible options. Don’t force them to make a purchase!

Ask them about the routine

Are they indoors for the most time? Are they outdoors? What are their expectations? Know all this before you recommend them something. 

Typically, someone who is outdoors most of the time will need a device that lasts eons. 

So that they can vape without worrying about the batteries draining fast. Also, knowing their routine can help you understand their willingness to maintain the devices.

When someone is outdoors most times, it’s inconvenient for them to carry chargers and flavor bottles all around. That’s why you offer them something that consumes less flavor and lasts for the maximum time.

Likewise, help the people with indoor lifestyle choose something that shall fit best for them.

Know how much they are willing to spend

Know their budget. That shall help you decide what you can offer. Also, you may suggest to them the right products that shall fall under their budget. 

These days a lot of portable options are available for low budgets that offer great satisfaction. Sure, will low budgets, they may not get top-end vape models, but starters hardly ever need those.

Show them the variety

Every veteran was once a newbie. New entrants like to have choices and options. As a sales rep and guide, you must show the newbies about the exciting options that vape devices and flavors have to offer. 

Show them the great variety of flavors at your store and help them select the one that they’ll truly love. Remember, no matter how great a device is, it’s only worth it if the e-juice perfectly complements it. 

Final words 

If you really want to get some long-term customers, you need to make efforts with the new entrants. Veterans mostly know their stuff and can get the right stuff from any vape shop. They may face a few technical difficulties at times, but mostly they know their vapes.

It’s the newbies who are confused and need assistance. If you communicate to them that you know the vape stuff and are there to help them in any possible way. They shall stick with you and get you more business. That’s a wise strategy. 

Plus, you need to make efforts if you want the vape industry to flourish. Because if people don’t get the right information, they’ll not be interested much.

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By Adam

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