Dubai can be considered man-made heaven. The city is filled with sculptures and monuments that will hold your gaze at them. Residential areas like Central Park City Walk provide a deep look into the amazing construction that this place holds.

Enjoying in Dubai without money is not as difficult as you think it is. Here are some places that you can visit absolutely free or very cheap at cost:

Al Qudra love lakes:

Dubai is nothing short of extraordinary when it comes to man-made feats. Adding one more attractive structure to the list is the Al Qudra love lakes. The love lakes are two twisted, heart-shaped lakes set up near Al Qudra lakes, set up for the romantic people out there. If you’re looking forward to a pleasant, romantic evening with your partner, the place is just for you.

Al Seef by Meeras:

Found upon the shores of the Dubai creek, this creekside destination is filled with restaurants, shops, and cafes. It is a spot to roam around and enjoy the astonishing view of the Dubai creek. The area is soaked in history and a huge amount of Emirati culture, the attraction heavily leans on the present elements of life in Dubai but also pays homage to Dubai’s history. The cracking ambiance that the place offers shifts the place at the top of my bucket list.

Horse races at the Meydan:

Meydan offers some free horse races to enjoy. Dubai racing club offers free admission to a limited section of the Meydan grandstand. There are a large number of seats available for twice-weekly races on Thursdays and Saturdays, with a great view of the track. The racing season is basically throughout the long Dubai winter, so make some dates in your diary for a fun night out.

Dubai Aquarium and underwater zoo:

For aquatic fan heads, nothing is more relaxing than gazing at some fish serenely swimming around. Dubai Aquarium and underwater zoo provide you the pleasure to enjoy that. If you are on the skin side, you don’t have to go inside the place to see them, you can get a pretty decent view from inside the Dubai Mall.

The absolutely gigantic indoor tank sits its entry from inside the Dubai mall and there are tons of restaurants around too.

Camel racing at Al Marmoom racetrack:

You are in the desert after all, so why not try something completely different and head to watch some camel racing. You can go to Al Mamoom to see the animals taken to the track, guided by robot jockeys that can possibly spin around their arms all day long. Cheer for your favourite camel and enjoy the race for absolutely zero dirhams.

Imagine at Dubai festival city:

There are lights, lasers, fountains, mega video displays, and a huge sound system to go along with the free show at the Dubai Festival City. It is one of the top three attractions running regularly during the whole week. It also pops up with some pretty special performances and special occasions too. The place also holds the record for the largest water screen projection in the world.

The best thing is that it is completely a hundred percent free to see.

The Dubai Fountain:

Even the most hardened of Dubai’s occupants can’t help but wonder at these dancing fountains, next to the Dubai Mall. The Dubai Fountain is more than 900 feet in length, making it the world’s largest synchronized fountain, adding another record into the Guinness book of records.

The fountain raises water into the air to a variety of different songs, mainly classical, western, and Arabic music. The site provides a spectacular show and is always a huge hit. The entire thing won’t even cost you a Dirham.

Dubai Museum and Al Fahidi historical neighbourhood:

The entire region is filled with cafes, restaurants, and shops that will take you back to the UAE’s rich history. It now sits in the shadow of the majestic Al Fahidi Fort, which now has a museum. The place can be a delight for you to spend the afternoon at, providing you a lot to learn about the Emirate’s past and culture.


Residential places aren’t short of a tourist attraction, but the residential places cannot be a vacation spot. So, instead, follow the guide above to get a feel of the marvellous ambience that this city holds, without giving a burden on your pocket. However, if you are interested in investing, check out a villa for sale or rent in Dubai and truly enjoy the perks of Central Park City Walk Dubai.





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