I came up with a system that works well. This system encourages you to read the most useful books of the Bible, which will help you study and grow God’s Word, but you will need to study the entire Bible carefully for more than a year.

Over the past few years, I have used various ideas to read the Bible. I spent a lot of time reading small books and not reading the right books when needed. About five months ago, when I spent more time reading parts of the Bible on what I now know, I came up with another project that really made sense to me. The project I invented was created by Professor Horner. I loved the idea of ​​his project and was very excited about it.

Under Professor Horner, he reads ten chapters a day from ten biblical lists. They make a list of the best books you can read often. For example, read the stories of the apostles and Proverbs, some prophets, and the Old Testament once a year.

90 days after reading this show, there are things I don’t like. This complicates the tracking system. There should be ten bookmarks in your Bible, you can only use the same Bible when reading or you don’t know where you are. Another thing I don’t like is reading only one chapter of each book. Switching from one book to another at the same time was not enough for me.

I found my system.

He uses the same concept, but it is very easy to follow. You still read 10 chapters a day, but not from ten different books. When you study the entire Bible for 308 days, read 10 chapters from one or two books. You read the apostles and wisdom, the gospel every 63 days, and the whole New Testament every 63 days.

My system has 7 lists, one for each day of the week. You start at the top of the list and read ten chapters every day. For example, read Matthew 1-10 on Monday and Romans 1-10 on Tuesday. Read Matthew 11-20 next Monday. Tuesday, 11-16. And 1 Corinthians 1-4 for 10 chapters and so on chronological reading schedule. Per week.

For reading tracking, I’ve created a spreadsheet that you can download, track, print, and take with you to your computer. Write the paper in a narrow column next to the books of the Bible, or the last chapter you read next to your book on the day you read it, track your location every day, and check everything. Spreadsheet.

When you read this way, you get more of the Bible every day. With this project, I hope I learn more than any other method of reading the Bible. It has changed a lot for me and I want to share it with everyone.

Another great aspect of this system is that if you want to listen to the audio Bible that I sometimes hear, it’s much easier to listen to 10 chapters in a row than switching between different chapters. Allows you to listen to work at work or at home after work.

It takes about 35-45 minutes a day to read and listen a bit more. If you don’t have enough time, you can read several chapters a day and use the same system, as in a spreadsheet you can’t go through it. However, it still serves the purpose of taking you to the Bible every day.

By Adam

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