Punjab is one of the renowned states. Where all five streams meet that is why it is known as Punjab. Where ‘Punj’ means five and ‘ab’ means river. Punjab is an industrial as well as agricultural state. Additionally, it produces and supplies most of the agricultural products and it is the highest wheat producing state of India. Unity and prosperity are what signify the people of Punjab. So one can witness the diverse culture of Punjab known as virsa. Most of Punjab was divided during the separation of India and Pakistan. Therefore now Punjabis are either Indians or Pakistani by nationality.

What and who is the Pwd minister?

PWD minister refers to the minister post who works for the welfare of the public. It is a very dedicated and hardworking post. Since we all know that not everyone is capable of working in the interest of the people. It requires lots of patience, hard work, and dedication. And our PWD minister of Punjab Vijay Inder Singla is well approved for this post. He dedicatedly works for the welfare of the people that gradually contributes to making Punjab a better place. We all know the problems that are prevailing in Punjab such as economic, social, sanitation, and many more. Our PWD minister of Punjab supervises all the problems and helps in the speedy resolution of all the problems.

Pwd role in sanitation

Pwd plays a wider role in public sanitation. We all know that the open defecation problem is one of the major problems that everyone is suffering from. It leads to many infections and an unhygienic environment. Therefore to get rid of it, our PWD minister in favor of public health care introduced public sanitation. Public toilets’ introduction helps to stop the problem of open defecation and this gradually contributes to the development of Punjab. Making Punjab a better place to live.

Objectives of PWD

The main objective of PWD is to work for the welfare of the people. Solving the problems of the people. It refers to fulfilling the necessities. Providing them education, food, and shelter. The promotion of education among children will lead to the development of the community.  That will ultimately contribute to the eradication of social problems such as malnutrition, poverty, and unemployment. It is very important for the solidarity and social adhesion of the people living in the community. It will gradually lead to product development.

Pwd contribution in old age homes

Apart from orphanages and other NGOs, another need that is to be under consideration is old age homes. Many sick and old people are left by their children. Due to which these people have no place to live. Therefore pwd plays a greater role in managing and constructing more old age homes. So that there is a better place for the old people to live. There are free health care facilities provided to them and proper care is given to them in old age homes. The environment of the old age homes is kept similar to a home. So that old people can generate a warm we feeling among each other.

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