Know the Top 5 Universities of Canada

Are you thinking to study abroad especially in Canada? Are you confused thinking that which one to choose? Then I’m sure you will benefit from this blog. Here, our assignment help experts will guide you regarding the top 5 universities of Canada that most Asian students prefer to join to pursue their higher degrees.

Canada is known for being the home of the world’s top universities. As a result, most students prefer to be a part of these universities. Students of Asia are not exceptional. Below we have discussed the top 5 universities of Canada; students who are thinking to join them check the list and be prepared accordingly:

University of Toronto

  1. University of Toronto: it is considered to be the number one choice for the Asian aspirants among all graduate institutions. Based on its international reputation and alluring location it attracts a large number of students from all over the world. The University of Toronto is home to approx 72,000 students. It provides more than 700 undergraduate programs besides 200 graduate programs. It covers almost all streams like engineering, law, public health, arts, science, information technology, etc. it has three campuses and these are situated in the Greater Toronto area. At present approx 13000 students from all over the world from more than 160 countries are studying here.

McGill University

  1. McGill University: it is another leading university in Canada. it has approx 31000 students and among them, one-fourth comes from all over the world. You may think that as McGill University is situated in Canada’s French-speaking province, it may use French only, but that’s not they use English only as their primary language while instructing. It covers approx 300 academic programs in different fields like architecture, English literature, biology, history, geography, and many more. Besides all these McGill is famous for being the abode of the oldest medical school in Canada which is affiliated with several teaching hospitals too.

British Columbia University

  1. British Columbia University: it is situated in Vancouver. It was established in 1908. It has approx 50,000 students. This university always ranks among the top three universities of Canada. Recently it has earned the title of North America’s most international university. It covers more than 24 academic divisions including journalism, music, business, education, etc. among its students 23% come from all over the world. It is famous for its alumni too. Among its alumni, eight got Nobel Prizes and three became Canadian Prime Ministers.

University of Montreal

  1. University of Montreal: the University of Montreal or University de Montreal in French came in the list of an independent universities in 1919. Since then it has been serving students from all over the world. It has mainly two parts named Polytechnic Montreal and HEC Montreal. Both are situated in Montreal. It has approx 37000 students and among which 8500 come from different parts of the world. It covers more than 600 academic divisions. Don’t panic by thinking that it offers French only. It offers many degree programs for English-speaking pupils too.

Queen’s University

  1. Queen’s University: it is situated in Kingston. This university was established by Queen Victoria herself in 1841. It is considered to be one of the oldest universities of Canada and it is famous for its various courses offered for students like research in globalization studies, mental health, etc. it has approx 24000 students including international students. It provides various courses based on different streams like arts, science, education, engineering, law, and many more.

Conclusion: hope this blog will give you adequate information before taking any decision of joining these universities. If you have any queries, you can ask our Assignment Help Experts without any hesitation. We have skilled Ph.D. experts who can guide you to choose the apt one for yourself. For more details log on to our official website and check the procedure of connecting them.

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