Buying an apartment – A guide , All the facts Insider tips , Buying checklists on the questions that real estate companies in Dubai beginners have when buying an apartment: self-interest or renting , financing a condominium, looking for an apartment, real estate portals, brokers, valuation, purchase prices, negotiations and Steer. Expertise and experience in one guide. Get to know the process of buying an apartment step by step and many insider tips! Anyone looking to buy their first apartment is faced with many big questions – understandable. Your big advantage: Once you have understood the process of buying a property, you will have valuable knowledge that you can also use when buying a second, third and fourth apartment.

Free of charge from experts: Buying a home explained

At you will learn answers to key questions for getting started with your first property. You will find valuable tips, insider tips from professionals, as well as studies, statistics and of course real estate companies in Dubai news about laws, taxes and profitable regions (locations).

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Step by step to your first condominium

Before you buy your first apartment, you need to prepare for the apartment purchase. Here, too, it is not immediately about financing, equity and viewing appointments. First and foremost, it comes down to the criteria for your first property.

Property criteria: goals?

Buying a home therefore always means first: Defining goals. The biggest question, do you want to buy for self-interest and also accept the risks (more on that later) or do you want to buy an apartment as an investment, for rent?

Let’s start with the basics: property types, advantages and disadvantages for buyers, as a basic orientation.

Basis: Buy your first property, but which one?

You want to buy your first property and are faced with the question: Which type of property is suitable for entry? In this guide we make a comparison for real estate beginners between house, apartment building, condominium, commercial real estate and special real estate companies in Dubai. With all the advantages and disadvantages of the property types in comparison and a calculation example, to the constant investment costs that property owners have to bear.

Learn here the definition of a property, the advantages, disadvantages and the reason why condominiums are, from our experience, the “easiest” entry into real estate for you!

Goal: self-interest or rental?

Self-interest or capital investment ? Let’s get straight to the point. Buying an apartment for personal use or as an investment? “I want to live rent-free in my old age” – not entirely true, because you still pay the operating costs . That means, even for this dream, you need a second property as an investment to cover the operating costs of your property. Interest and repayments at the bank, costs for repairs and modernization , as owner-occupier you pay everything yourself. As an investor, it is primarily tenants and the tax office who pay . Self-interest is always the most expensive way of living.

Difference: advantages of a property as an investment

Quickly explained: When buying a flat as a capital investment, for renting, the tenant and tax office primarily pay your monthly interest and repayments at the bank.

Disadvantage for owner-occupiers – In the case of owner-occupation, you basically pay the “costs for your property” yourself. Accordingly, owner-occupiers have no return. In addition, they enjoy little or no advantages with the tax office.

Return or investment property

For capital investors, the difference follows between an investment property and an investment property . Both types of investment briefly explained:

Yield real estate companies in Dubai generate so much income that the cost of the property is paid and you have a surplus. You will find such properties mainly in B and C locations . The disadvantage: Yield properties have lower increases in value than investment properties in A locations .

Location, type of apartment and condition

After defining the goal, these three factors are the main focus: location, type of Buy House in Dubai and condition.

In short:

  • Location – A, B or C location?
  • Apartment type – practical or special?
  • Condition – new or existing?
  • Decisive for self-interest (increase in value) and capital investment (rentability to target group).

Let’s start roughly with the location of your first condominium.

Location types: A, B or C location?

The central criterion is the location of your property . For owner-occupiers, often only a certain part of the city comes into question, sometimes even just a block of streets. For capital investors, the location of the property is less acute. This is about the assessment of A, B and C locations.

But what are the differences between A, B and C positions? More precisely, between how B-, B and B + position (macro / micro perspective)?

Condition of the property: what can I afford?

Condition means: new building vs. existing building . There are further gradation options within the Buy House in Dubai, from in need of renovation, to in need of modernization, in need of renovation and some also buy “scrap real estate”. Anyone who has energy, network and / or capital can get such a real estate bargain.

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