1. Rockwood Custom Homes

Based in Calgary, Rockwood Custom Homes has won many awards for their boutique custom homes. It is also a construction and renovation company that works closely with discerning clients to deliver results to their heart’s satisfaction. They pair their entire suite of construction, interior design, and architecture to fit their client’s needs and create masterpieces in the form of homes. Figure out your top choice and ensure you pick the right custom home builders in Calgary.

2. Riverview Custom Homes Ltd

Riverview Custom Homes are popular custom home builders in Calgary. They offer new home or large-scale designs, large luxury homes, and put out unique complex designs. From the first point of contact until long until the project wraps up, you can trust them with efficient follow ups, sticking to timelines and even giving you the most accurate estimates.

3. Sunset Homes

When looking for experienced builders to create your home, then Sunset Homes are definitely one of your top picks. They specialize in many other functions as well which include- Building Technology, Architecture and Design, Property Development and much more.

4. McKinley Masters Custom Homes

These builders consult you at every step, ensuring you get the perfect place. The process is effortless and efficient, from the lot purchase advice to connecting the right vendors for building your home. They have great expertise and have been around in Calgary for many years now. You can check their portfolio and make the right pick while making your house.

5. Astoria Custom Homes

Astoria custom homes are a family run business and have delivered some of the best projects over time. They also work with renovation and have expertise in acreage development. You will have their undivided attention right from the word go till the completion of the project.

Our top pick:

RareBuilt Homes Ltd.

RareBuilt Homes add a different class of their own in any house they build- starting from parklands to foothills. With a highly efficient team, you can trust them with your money and the projects. You should really check out their different townhomes, including Riley, Rae, and Reef.

Their constructions boast of features like- lovely foyers, elevators, heated tiles, and much more. Their efficiency and reputation for sticking to timelines are why we think they should be your best option when picking custom home builders in Calgary.

Key takeaways

Make sure that the builders you pick have the kind of experience you need. You don’t need to waste your money and get stuck with the wrong investments. But, getting a custom home is an achievement of a lifetime, and the perfect builders will help you get value for your money.

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