A house extension may not cross your mind even if you have an extra space just lying around the house. It is important to put some thought into ways you can enhance and diversify the look of your house. 

Human nature demands constant change because similar sceneries can get boring and can even affect the innovative capabilities of the mind. You do not want to live in the exact same space all your life because the change of living space can enhance your mental capability and have a positive effect on your mood. For this purpose, you can either consider garage extension, home refurbishment or even a loft conversion in Crawley with the help of builders like Bohunone. 

If you’ve been considering a home extension or are just bored of the same living space, add some excitement and colour to your home by implementing a home extension. Below we discuss a few reasons that will further strengthen your decision to extend your house.

  • Increased Property Value:

The value of your property will increase the more you invest in its refinement and extension. By enhancing the living space in your house, the house becomes applicable for use by larger families and if you ever decide to sell it, it will generate greater profit. 

Plan your house extension such that it will show your creative and innovative nature. The designs and supplementation should be practical and be consistent with the current colour theme of your house. By adding to the aesthetic beauty of your home through home extension, you not only make your home a comfortable place for yourself but the guests will also love visiting your place.

  • House Adapted To Your Lifestyle:

A growing family needs some extra space as the increasing number of family members require an extended space. Each member of the family, whether it’s an adult, a teen or a child require their own personal space. Your house can adapt to these changes without disrupting your current life standard if you go for a house extension. The efficiency of your house can be improved as you upgrade the house based on the new inventions being introduced in the construction industry. Open plan kitchen and living areas generate larger spaces for social interactions as well as add a touch of modernisation to your house.

  • No Need To Move:

The process of moving a house can be extremely cumbersome. Packing up your entire life from one place and dumping it all in a completely unfamiliar place comes with a lot of struggles. From switching the kid’s school to finding new jobs, moving houses can prove to be a hassle. Settling into a new neighbourhood and finding new friends is not as easy as it sounds. If you are moving because of a shortage of rooms or living space in your old home, consider a house extension. It will make use of the space around your house that is not a living space and transform it to expand your living space. The need for changing houses might be eliminated and that is why it is worth a try.

  • Existing Space Utilisation:

When you decide on a home extension, you get to make use of the space that you already have but is not in use. For example, a loft or an empty storage area. You can plan the conversion of this space based on your requirements. Do you want a guest room or an extra bedroom? Is the kitchen space too small and needs extension? Is there a need for a gaming room in the house? Set your priorities and then adjoin the existing extra space in your house into your living space. A home extension will not only optimise the current space in your house but will add value to your house and extract some utility from the extra space.

  • Tailored Design:

There are always things in your house you wish to change in order to generate convenience for yourself. Whether you need a kitchen that is roomy or a walk-in closet attached to your room, a house extension could present you with a solution. You have the authority to choose what you want to do with the extra space and you can tailor it closely to match your needs.


If you are situated in the Crawley region and are looking to get home extension services, Bohunone can help you with that. We are a New Build Building Company in Crawley and have been in the business long enough to generate a widely spread network of satisfied customers. Trust us with your house extension and you shall not be disappointed.

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