It is an exhibition tournament that has been held during the 55 years of the Club’s life and in which international tennis figures participate. Its objective is to promote Austrian tennis players and encourage the practice of this sport.

Despite being a very important tournament in Asturias, it is not one of the great tournaments on the ATP circuit. For this reason, it has not been broadcast on television in recent years.

Our client, the Runtv365 Club, asked us for help to broadcast this sporting event live and economically. We accepted and solved the challenge, creating a perfect solution to broadcast or record sporting events.

Two days of live tennis for everyone

The main objective of the Runtv365 Club was to increase the dissemination of its event and offer members who could not attend the event the possibility of enjoying it live. The first answer was clear: we would broadcast the tournament over the Internet.

The 무료스포츠중계 also had to be at the level of the Club: with the best image quality in High Definition and live commentary. At the height of professional tournaments.

Technology and Artificial Intelligence

Having identified the challenges, we set to work on a solution with minimal investment in equipment, which could be operated by the least number of people possible.

To collect the images, we projected a system made up of five cameras with 4K quality.  This allowed us to offer a complete visual perspective of the matches. With all the necessary plans to guarantee coverage adapted to the movements that occur in a tennis match.

The realization was the main challenge and, for this, we created an image processing system with Artificial Intelligence hosted in the cloud. He was in charge of autonomously selecting the most interesting shots for each set of the match. That is, the realization of the event was automatic and unattended.

But not everything can be automatic, yet. We were missing the commentators, the sauce of the tournament. To facilitate the broadcast, we developed an App for Smartphone. This application allowed two people from the Club to act as sports commentators, with great audio quality.

“As it is an unattended camera system based on Artificial Intelligence (without operator or filmmaker), we had to train it to learn how to do a good broadcast.”

The retransmission process was also completely transparent to people. Our system sent the video automatically and in real time to YouTube. To send the video in high quality, a fast and reliable connection is necessary. Therefore, we use a high-capacity fiber connection. In addition, to guarantee a broadcast without cuts, we dedicate this connection exclusively for the event, isolating it from the rest of the network.

Internet broadcast with unattended performance

“This solution has been a complete success because it has made it possible to meet the objective that had been set: that all tennis fans and Club members who wanted to watch the tournament could do so through the Internet with a simple and very comfortable installation.”

Indeed, the deployment of media was carried out with much less investment than that required by conventional television. The result was spectacular.

“We only needed two people to broadcast the games and they did it with a mobile phone from the stands. The image quality was spectacular and the audio was perfect. We did not expect that the tournament could be seen with the quality that we saw it. It was as if it were conventional television.”

This innovative system developed not only serves to broadcast tennis matches. It is replicable for a multitude of sporting events, regardless of the type of sport that you want to broadcast and for acts of a cultural nature or of any other type.

Intelligent Multicamera Broadcasting allows us to offer all our customers a huge range of live broadcast possibilities with incredible quality and at a very low price.  Recordings that allow the technical improvement of athletes, availability of retransmissions for parents and friends, even obtaining commercial return thanks to the insertion of advertising.

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