Do you know you’re smart TV can actually save Trees?

You may be wondering that TV-tree is the link between them, there was no connection between them until the arrival of the Best Smart TVs of India but now we have a connection which needs to be thought of. Some may say oh! we know “News” but no it’s the newspaper that can make a change, there is a huge difference between News and the Newspaper that we all know.

Perfect news and drama less news can only be seen in a newspaper fortunately India has 407 million daily newspaper readers that means 407 million newspapers are printed every day, probably 12 trees are required to produce 1 Ton of paper, where more than 12k Tons of paper is required to produce 407 million papers which ends up in cutting 1.5 lakhs of tree.

 Keeping aside the math let’s talk about how a Smart TVs can save trees, you all know every publisher has their own applications which can run on smart phones so the point is best Indian smart TVs can support all these applications which results in reading the newspaper in a bigger screen with picture-perfect image quality.

 You may say downloading daily newspapers will be a task for me but no, your TV can just work as a Smartphone so tasks can be automatically done by setting up the priority.

Reflect yourself.

Lockdown has thought us the value of communication that without having a conversation with our loved ones or a well-wisher is unpleasant or uncomfortable to most of us and hence the easy solution which can satisfy up to some level was video call, well it will not fulfill the actual feel of face to face conversation but up to a certain level, it can still serve the purpose. Till now we have tried it and got partial fulfillment by smart phones so now it’s time to have a change.

India’s Smart TVs are up with best-in-class solutions for the problem by adding up a built-in webcam and supporting all video calling applications provided with a lag-free experience and very good picture quality.

Cont go to school, bring the school to home.

Yes you can, due to the Covid pandemic children have been missing their classes and their best friends and almost have forgotten school since after a long gap.

 So LED TV manufacturers in India have found a better solution for the situation. TVs can support any conference application through which a child can interact with their teacher and have a better understanding regarding their class through face-to-face interaction.

 TVs have been equipped with the best quality cameras and to provide a lag-free experience they have come up with dual-band Wifi and a powerful processor which can give a fast operation as of a Smartphone and can support you in any kind of educational tools.

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