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We all are well aware of the electric meters in offices and households. Even if you are not, let me brief it for you. They are also known as energy meters.

An electric meter is a device that measures the electricity consumed by the residents or the overall consumption in an office or factory and provides the electricity bill accordingly. A physically generated bill is handed over to you each month which depicts the number of units used and the current rate of per unit electricity and the total amount due.

There is a whole lot available of smart meter manufacturing companies in India. They provide you with all kinds of smart monitoring devices including digital panel meters, transducer meters, smart energy meters. Some of the companies also have the provision of providing a live demo.

But how is a smart electric meter different from a normal electric meter? Why should we consider smart electric meters over regular meters?

The difference can be recapitulated in one word and that is ‘accuracy.’   

  • Smart meters saving your money– With the increased accuracy of the smart electric meters, there is no circumstance under which there can be underpaying or overpaying of the bills. Since the bills are generated using real-time data, you only pay for the energy you use whether it is in your house or any workplace.


  • Digital display- Previously, during the usage of analog meters, it was slightly strenuous for the consumer to check the energy usage of the house and the proper functioning of the meter. It involved rotating discs and dials that would display numbers. Since the rotating speed of the disc was also uneven, it was likely that the energy consumption would be mistaken by the human reader.


  • Keeping a tab on energy consumption- If you receive a large bill of energy consumption every month, you must wonder about the source that causes it. Smart electric meters enable you to keep a check on your energy consumption and allow you to judge the source of your consumption and plan the usage of that particular appliance accordingly.


  • Are they radioactive?  Smart electric meters use radio waves to collect the energy consumption data from the appliances. However, the radiations used by the smart electric meters are low energy radiations and hence are not hazardous to health.


  • Data is safe- Albeit the data of the energy consumed by an individual house is sent to the supplier personally; there is no transfer of the data such as bank account information, your address, and other personal information. It is entirely your choice if you wish to share the data monthly or daily.


There are a vast number of smart meter vendors all over the world including the UK, France, India, Germany, China, and others. The majority of people is either scared of installing smart electric meters or is not convinced of their accuracy. But after scrutinizing, they are considered less harmful than the regular meters.

With smart energy meters in your home, say hello to efficient energy consumption and goodbye to overpaying of bills.

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