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Indeed, the world is evolving rapidly, and so in this technically advanced world, it is immensely important for you to get along. Both on a personal and professional front, nothing could beat the authenticity and reliability of Gmail. However, With more than 1 billion active users across the World, Gmail has emerged out as an outstanding email service provider with top-notch features and great updates.

However, even Gmail is not immune from the various technical errors and snags, and maybe that’s why users do face complications when they try to proceed for Google Account recovery date of birth or Now, in such situations, one has to take help from the experts or try to fix the issues manually. Check out the blog to gather more information about it.

You must set Gmail Notifications to ‘On.’

In case your Gmail does not send you an alert on receiving Emails, follow these steps!

First of all, you are supposed to change the settings for each Account if you do have more than one Account which is linked to the Gmail App.

Follow the steps if you are an Android User.

  • You are supposed to launch your Gmail App on Android. Now, you should tap on the Menu Icon, which has three horizontal lines which are located at the top left.
  • Next, you must scroll down and then click on the settings.
  • After that, you must pick up your Account.
  • Now, you must tap on the notifications and then choose a notification level.
  • Tap Manage Notifications and then check the options under your Account.
  • And make sure the switch is turned on.

For iOS

  • Firstly, you must launch the Gmail App on your iOS device
  • Next, you are expected to hit the menu icon, which is located at the top left
  • Then, you are required to tap on notifications and then choose a notification level

Now, change the settings for Labels Sync

For Android

  • You should launch the Gmail App on Android Smartphones or Tab
  • Then, you should tap on the menu icon, which is located at the top-left
  • Now, you must tap on Settings, and then you should choose your Account
  • Tap on Manage Labels and then select one of your labels which is important
  • Then, you are expected to tap on sync messages and then choose the last 30 days or all
  • Now, you would not be able to turn on notifications for that label without syncing messages
  • After that, you must select notification settings for the label

For iOS

  • In the beginning, you must launch the Gmail App on your iOS device
  • After that, you must hit the menu icon, which is located at the top left
  • Now, you must choose your Account
  • Tap on the notifications and choose High Priority only

Next, you should Turn Power Saving Mode Off

  • Simply one can turn off power saving mode in settings
  • Then, you should swipe down the Home Screen to reveal the icons for various features
  • Now, you will see the battery saver option in the tray
  • And then click on it to disable the feature
  • You can also turn power saving mode off in the settings>Battery

You must update your Gmail App or system’s Software 

In case your Gmail app is outdated, possibly Gmail notifications not working could be one possible reason behind it. To resolve this, you must update your app.

  • Open your Google Play
  • And then, tap on the menu icon, which is located at the top left
  • Now, you must select ‘My apps and Games’
  • Now, under the update section, you can find the Gmail App and then tap on the update button

Apart from that, you must reset your Gmail App, you should uninstall and then reinstall your Gmail App, and you can also turn off adaptive battery or intelligent battery. By following the above-stated steps, you can simply find a suitable way to troubleshoot Gmail notifications not working.

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