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Email security is one of the major concerns of email providers like Microsoft Outlook. As internet privacy becomes a myth, the challenge for these providers increases. Professional world relies greatly on encryption of emails and data. Any organization’s revenue depends highly on the privacy of their emails, and the loss of important details, assets, information regarding its private clients and the thread of official communication i.e emails therefore needs to be protected and encrypted well to avoid any kind of loss and misuse. Since Microsoft Outlook is one of the major providers. Let’s take a look at how to send a secure email in outlook

Read the following procedure to encrypt your emails in outlook. For encryption of your emails in outlook, you need to create a digital ID which is, electronic signature used to sign your emails for encryption . For generating the digital id follow the steps as follows – click options under the file tab click trust center settings under the Microsoft outlook trust center. Under the email security tab, an option digital ids and certificates would appear, click on get a digital id. From there follow the steps to get your digital id. In case you have a prior digital id there’s no need to follow these steps and you can directly move on to the encryption of emails.

How to send digitally signed Emails?

  1. Compose the email you want to send.
  2. There is a options tab of the message editor, go to more options then click on the options dialogue box launcher present on the right most corner.
  3. Click on the security settings, tick on the box beside add digital signatures. Close the window after clicking OK.
  4. After you have completed the above mentioned procedure, a new option namely the sign message should now appear.
  5. You can click on sign message now and compose your email

You do not need any separate software to do so, just follow these simple steps to ensure safety of your emails. For further privacy and protection of your emails you can choose from the list of your contacts in outlook block sender and outlook unblock sender. You just have to make a few more clicks to do so and along with the encryption the communication thread can remain between the people you chose to send and receive the emails regarding anything.  In order to do so go to the outlook menu bar, select messages, click on junk mail and there you would see an option to block sender. If you wish to unblock the sender there is a simple reverse process you need to follow. In the outlook menu bar select tools and click on the junk email preferences and select the email address you want to unblock on the blocked senders tab. A small icon to remove the selected sender button would appear, choose that to complete the process. The above mentioned steps and procedures, which are basically the settings of the outlook email can help the organizations or any person to achieve the desired privacy and protection of data.

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