Silicone Injection Molding Company is a great way to design and make things. Nolato can help you make the most of LSR’s design flexibility, and our advanced silicone moulding technologies can cut your programme costs and improve the quality of your parts.

Diversity in how people use them

LSR is used in many applications where failure is not an option. Nolato is a company that specialises in making silicone parts with tight tolerances that are made with great shot-to-shot repeatability and no defects.

When you design something, you can change how it works:

Silicone has the ability to fill part geometries with finer tolerances than a thermoplastic elastomer can. LSR allows for precise features, changing wall thickness, reduced sink possibility, small undercuts, and negative draught.

Properties of biocompatibility and performance:

Because of its microbial resistance, simplicity of sterilisation, and odourless, tasteless, and stainless properties, LSR is suited for short- and long-term human implants.

Molding silicone in a machine:

Automatic moulding is the most effective approach to reduce contamination. It removes machine operators, minimises part variability, and lowers programme costs, all while improving quality.

Molding with many materials:

Our specialty in molding multi-material components such as two-shot, insert, or overmolded parts can help expand your product’s performance options. Take advantage of Nolato’s global injection molding services.

Sustainable product life:

Silicone is unaffected by environmental variables and retains its attractiveness over time. It retains its transparency over time and is resistant to scratches, cracks, and breaks whether exposed to UV light, moisture, or heat.

Automatic injection moulding of LSR and HCR:

All-electric and hybrid moulding machines are available in our LSR cleanrooms, allowing us to match the appropriate equipment to each prototype and production application. We employ robotics that operate within the machine envelopes to load inserts and extract moulded parts. Screw and barrel assemblies enable the moulding of pieces ranging in size from fractions of a gramme to larger details, allowing for a broad range of silicone injection moulding applications. Using fully automated injection compression procedures, we can also produce HCR (high consistency rubber).

Silicone production from concept to market:

Product development, prototyping with production representative tooling, sophisticated LSR mold-making, cleanroom silicone injection moulding, multi-shot/multi-material moulding, and secondary operations are all available through silicone divisions for single-source manufacture.


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