While it might be very affordable, buying devices under  pro-shipment is almost impossible because of high quality brand prices and selection, as well as the fact the brand still hasn’t recovered back down after the failure of the first OxygenOS 11 update.

Unfortunately, there is not much quality OnePlus screen replacement on sale now, so the main question that most oneplus repair Dubai mobile users, especially those who are just looking for the best screen protector, ask themselves is: are there any good quality phone screen protector that is suitable for OnePlus e-flagship lineup? I promise that I don’t come after any specs about the display screen, that type of materials, the kind of glass, the possibility of scratching the screen, but maybe the most important factor to consider when considering the screen screen protector is its price.

1. Beige Screen Protector – BLE NOTEBOOK RATING

As seen from the name of the screen protector, this product has a high-quality Beige Screen Protector finish. The screen protector is specifically designed to prevent scratches on the OnePlus e-flagship lineup. Because of a light-toned beige shade to the screen protector, it won’t be visible for anyone wearing a dark outfit.

2. BenQ MagicFlex S500F Sharp-nano foam protector – BLE NOTEBOOK RATING

BenQ’s fine fiberglass screen protector which is very durable and stylish; as seen from its crystals, this should be protective enough to prevent any from scratching the screen on the OnePlus phones. It has a bunch of diamond-like patterns on the surface, especially around the edges and the corners, making it very easy to see where the screen cover is on your phone.

3. Nanodent UVC-definitely scratch resistant display screen protector – BLE NOTEBOOK RATING

When the design of the display is creating friction and getting scratched by the face recognition camera, this protective iPhone model screen protector is superb and will keep your OnePlus screen covered in and enhance protective properties. With its UV-definitely scratch resistant ability, your display screen protector cover is free of any cracks which can damage your phone screen including great scratches, dents, and linting. This display protector supports synthetic rubber as the substitute for glass to guard your screen.

4. D.O.K. high performance, Anti-Slip Technology for unbreakable screen protector – BLE NOTEBOOK RATING

D.O.K. is best known for its high performance and low-price as well as its electronic tapes and laser gloss. Whether you need to solve a OnePlus phone screen scratch problem, or need to keep a nicer OnePlus phone screen for a long time, you’ll certainly notice D.O.K.’s excellent top-rated and high-quality screen protector. Apart from the eye-catching berry design of its plastic panels and its anti-slip technology, the screen protector itself has a fine texture and a light shining. It also doesn’t have plastic facial recognition camera in it, as some screen protectors have been seen causing your display screen protector screens to scratch up.

5. Cold leather Screen Protection for OnePlus 8 phones – BLE NOTEBOOK RATING

Cold leather has a refined high quality look as well as is good enough to provide great protection for your OnePlus 8 mobile phone screen. This screen protector has a very high-quality lining of leather which gives you the feeling of being wrapped. The high-quality texture creates a great handfeel in your hands while the glossy surface helps to give your phones a much-needed shine.

6. Vetri Ultra-portable, medium-high quality cold weather screen protector, made in Italy – BLE NOTEBOOK RATING

Vetri Ultra-portable is the brand’s new product not only for great screen protector, but for great price as well. Its high-quality film finishes and 2 layer electrostatic film uses an ultra-portable cabinet so that you can carry your screen protector anywhere you need without the have to worry about handling your phone case. This screen protector has not only a high-quality finish and high-quality powder finish, but also a high-quality reflective surface which gives your display screen protection all the time. This high-quality screen protector has ultra-portability and easy application, also great visibility, and better choice of materials. It is also highly rated for touchless mechanism inside the screen protecting it.

7. Nano Sharp Aluminum Screen Protection for OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8T – BLE NOTEBOOK RATING

The Nanodent UVC coating on OnePlus’ screen protector gives it a the ability to provide great anti-scratch properties as well as anti-friction surface which also gives the screen an excellent feel and look and reduces shocks, shaking

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