code obfuscation

What is obfuscation? 

You must have heard what is encryption, it is a way that converts the structure of data so it can not be read by anyone without decrypting it. And to decode it, there is a need for an encryption key. Just like this, obfuscation is a programming code that helps in increasing the security level of the data so that it can not be understood by anyone. Tools like obfuscation are very useful in the corporate world. There are many things and information that an organization will never like to be leaked and will keep confidential and secret. Such information can be trade secrets, potential client contracts, and other secret data of the organization. Data encrypted through this coding will become meaningless for an outsider. If a user wants to read or have access to the data in its raw form then he would need to deobfuscation. Deobfuscation techniques include program synthesis and compiler optimization. 

Working of obfuscation

  • As already stated above, it is a type of computer code that will make the data difficult by making use of round phrases and redundant logic. An unauthorized reader won’t be able to understand it nor be able to extract any meaning from it. There are languages and operating systems like compiler and android or IOS respectively that can help to decode or reverse-engineer the source code. However, the data converted through obfuscation is also not an easy task to be decompiled. 
  • Through obfuscation, there are no changes in the program’s original code but the delivery of the data and its representation is made difficult and confusing so that an outsider won’t be able to understand it. However, there is no need for you to worry because the output and the way of working of the program won’t be changed in this process. 

Techniques of obfuscation

Obfuscation is not based on one or two methods, it is based on multiple data conversion methods. C and C++ languages are used based on the requirements of the user and the confidentiality of the data. If data is to be made highly secured then C++ is used because it is more secured than C. 

The points given below are the techniques that are used in the obfuscation process: 

  1. Control flow: One of the coding techniques is control flow, in this type of coding, spaghetti logic is used and data is made unstructured, furthermore, the code is also made hard to be understood. 
  2. Metadata and unused code removal: Another code obfuscation technique is metadata and unused code removal. In this type of technique, users make use of extra information such as annotations that help in decoding the encrypted material. 
  3. Anti-debug: In this technique, engineers are made able to debug the data through source code. However, this technique requires line-by-line examination for the debugging of the data. However, the unique feature of this technique is that it alerts when a hacker attempts to decode the data. 

These are a few of the techniques that are used in the obfuscation process. 


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