When using a transparent LED display, a timely protection product is indispensable for a long time. Many transparent LED display concepts are known, but now in the city center, high-rise office buildings, commercial complexes, store windows and other places are gradually adapting to transparent displays. So how do you protect your transparent LED display? When protecting your transparent LED display, please note:

  1. Provide excellent stability and foundation for power supply. Do not use it in harsh natural environments! (Like a strong flash);
  2. Access to water, iron powder and other conductive metal materials is strictly prohibited. The transparent LED display should be placed in a dust-free environment as much as possible. Excessive dust interrupts the display and too much dust can damage the circuit;

3, in water for a variety of reasons, turn immediately and contact the repair team until the screen is dry before use;

  1. The outer surface is dusty. Remove the vacuum cleaner as an air rifle. Do not use a straight or abrasive cloth. Do not use force to prevent the screen from falling.

5, routine maintenance using vacuum cleaners, air gun equipment to remove dust from the air. Do not use too hard or rough cloth to clean the fabric, so as not to damage the appearance of the product.

6, specify that the LED display is more than 2 times per day, and that the LED display is used at least once a week during the rainy season. Usually open the screen once a month for more than 2 hours;

7, the LED display should be accurate to look at, is this a normal operation, the line is not damaged, the line must be fixed or replaced in time;

  1. During the transmission there is no yellow, all red, all green and no other clear image, over-power is avoided, the power supply is too hot, the LED lights are damaged, which affects the life of the monitor. Do not disassemble while playing, share on screen;
  2. If the inner line of the LED display is broken, non-professionals must stop the connection and avoid damage to the electrical shock or circuit. If you have any problems, contact a professional.

Additionally, daily protection of a transparent LED display is also very important, please carefully remove the dust from the display so it does not affect the function of the spread of heat. When sending promotional materials, please do not be completely white, green, etc. If a transparent screen broadcasts the festival at night, the screen brightness can be adjusted according to the ambient brightness, which will not only save energy, but also extend the life of the LED screen service.

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