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In case word spying made you come here, don’t get me wrong we are not talking about anything illegal. Things no doubt has changed so much and the human race has evolved but still, there is a long way to go. From landline to mobile, flip phones, and then smartphones we have stepped up the communication game in many aspects. In the past phone was just a means to call or text. But now there is even a generation who use it for everything except call and text. Yes, I am talking about teenagers. My youngest never picks up the phone or replies on time and even though I know it is just his habit and carelessness but still it never fails to give me a panic attack.

So when I say I was in desperate need of a Remote Spy on Android, believe the poor soul. It is a gift for those who want to keep a strict monitoring eye on the teenagers or the one who is a private yet careful person who wants to keep a record of personal gadgets. Similarly, a spying app can also be used for employees to keep a thorough check on them through the company-owned device.

Want to know more about my mystery spying app? Well, here it is.


TheOneSpy app offers services for android, iPhone, and even laptops and computers. The installation is a simple and easy and friendly user interface to make it possible for every age group to use the app.

Why The Need Of Hidden Spy App For Android:

An interesting question that comes into mind is why need a hidden spy app if it is legal. Let me make this clear once and for all use of hidden spy apps for android like TheOneSpy is completely legal as far as you are using it as

  • Parental Control
  • Employee Monitoring (through the company-owned device )
  • For Personal Use

As parental control, it is a good choice to keep things hidden from teenagers. You see teenagers these days prefer privacy more than anything. But that or anything else can’t stop the parents from worrying about their safety and wellbeing. Thus the use of spy apps will keep you posted about them and will respect their privacy standards as well. Similarly, you can tell your employees about the spy app or keep it secret, in any case, it is meant to increase their productivity at the workplace.

About The Features:

Secret Call Recording:

Secret call recording lets the user listen to any call content secretly. You can know about any spam call for your teenager or keep a record of an important business call.

Web Filtering:

The use of the internet is common in every field of life.

  • Roughly 60% of the world population are active internet users all around the globe.

Indeed it is necessary to keep a check and balance on the technology that is loved and used by more than half of the population. The Remote Spy on Android lets the user have remote access to the browser history and browsing activities of the target person.

Text Message Recording:

Read the text message of your teen and find out if they are being bullied or harassed by anyone.

Eyes On Social Media Activities:

Even if you are not a social media person just like me but want to keep yourself updated about the teenager’s social media activities then this one is best for you. Use the variety of features and know all about social media platform activities secretly.

Keeping it Real For Instant Messaging Chat Apps:

TheOneSpy does not just give text message reports but you can have the complete chat report of most of the instant messenger chat apps as well.  Check out Whatsapp spy app, IMO spy app, Line spy app, Viber spy app, and more with Spy app.

Real-Time Location Alert:

Real-time GPS location alert is what we all need in this world of uncertainty. Have real-time pinpoint location alert with the phone tracking app.

Don’t get dragged by a biased opinion. All you need to do is just give it a try by yourself and test the features. The Remote spy apps for android are not your ordinary app just like any other app. The versatile package option with advanced features for everyone makes this app worth paying.

  Screen recording

Screen recorder enables you to know what your representatives are online and what discussions they are doing. It records short video recordings of the portable screen dynamic with the social networking apps and sends the recordings to the TOS online dashboard. Users can look at the recordings by getting to the dashboard and watch recordings without limit.

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