One of the most widely recognized and extensively used gadgets within our day-to-day routines, desks are essential. They allow us to take a break from our busy lives while allowing access to a range of information and entertainment. If you’re thinking of buying a PC, before we make any purchase be aware that your computer can be carried in your pocket or bag, without becoming huge.


PCs come in a range of sizes and structures. However, if you’re not sure of the size you’ll need, measuring the size of your screen is an effective way to determine it.


There is no standard estimate that could be used to measure how big a computer is. This is the reason why you must use the correct measurements whenever you have to assess your computer in comparison to other systems.


There’s a variety of ways to quantify how big your computer is but we’d like to demonstrate why it’s so easy to make use of the same measurement, the stature versus width proportion. In this article we’ll show you the most effective method to measure the size of your PC using or without an estimating tape. Get Dell poweredge 6950 heatsink in Nigeria.

How to Measure Laptop Size?

If you’re trying to determine the size of your PC then you must know the dimensions of the height, width and depth. Here’s a couple of items to consider when assessing how big your computer is.


A ruler or an estimating tape


An adder machine that computes the measurements


Your PC


If you’re carrying this pile of necessary things, start by following these steps.

Step 1: Measuring from the corner to the corner

The estimation of the corner to corner of your laptop is an easy task. It is as simple as placing the ruler or measuring stick to the edge of your screen, and then imprint the point where it intersects with the other side. From there you can check the amount of centimeters or inches the imprint is.


The dimension of a computer indicates the inclining length between left and right generally starting at 12 inches and extending all the way into 17 inches. Screens smaller that 12 inches in size are typically designed for those who require ease of use. They are usually either 11 or 10 crawls in length.

Second Stage: Measure width

To determine the size of your PC, locate the largest spot on your PC, typically located in the middle.


Put the ruler on top and use that as a base to aid in estimation. Then, at this moment, have to measure about 3 or 4 creeps on either side of the middle line. At this point, put another blemish on the one side or the other of the line. The distance between the two imprints will be equal to the length.

Third Stage: Measuring height

To determine the height of your building, you will require a ruler and a notebook.


Find your PC’s at a level on a table. use the ruler to determine from the bottom of your computer to its highest level. If you’re using journals, make sure you open them to obtain an accurate estimation of the size. If you can get this estimation you’ll know the height of your PC!

Quantifying the extent

To determine the size of a computer, to determine the size of a PC, get the ruler and take measurements between the top of the computer from the front to back. It is usually measured in centimeters or inches just as millimeters.


It is also important to take note of the thickness of your computer. You can determine the thickness using the ruler or an estimate tape or even looking at your details on the website.


There are two methods to figure out how big your computer screen is without overestimating it.


The most effective method is to look through the manufacturer’s number for your computer. It should be written in a specific spot either on your screen, or the lower portion of your computer. You can enter this information into Google to find the exact elements on your monitor.


Another method is to measure your computer’s inclining length by collapsing a sheet of paper that has slant and taking a measurement using a ruler.


If you plan to buy a PC case or sleeve, be aware of the dimensions of your computer. It can be a bit tricky because workstations are offered in various dimensions and designs. There are also various kinds of workstations, which means they are accompanied by various measurements within the structure of the machines.


The first step is to determine the width, length and height of your PC taking note of any safeguards or holds that are needed around the edges. Then, you should compare these estimates with those from the website of the maker to check for compatibility with the skin you’ll need to purchase. If they match, you’ll be able to buy it without a problem because it will work with the PC perfectly! Check out Dell CPU cooler heatsink at a reasonable price in Nigeria from genuine and authorized sites.

Last Words

Calculating the size of your PC is an important step in choosing a case/sleeve to meet your needs. Even if the estimates are satisfactory, make sure to include any extra space by adding a quarter one inch, or more on the sides.


Be aware that size of the PC isn’t the sole factor in choosing a computer pack. Other factors like weight, financial plan and other elements should be considered as well.


There are a variety of brands to choose from and it is difficult to choose the one that is right for your computer. On the occasion that you do follow our guidelines on how to determine PC size, and our determining procedure, you’ll be able to select the ideal one to meet your needs.

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