Poco F3 UK review

Poco F3

Poco F3 UK review

The Poco F3 offers an amazing equipment bundle at the minimal expense you’ll pay for it. In any case, all the quality equipment on the planet doesn’t mean anything if the product doesn’t coordinate with it, and that is the thing that cuts the Poco F3 down a score. At last, this telephone is for individuals who prize handling force and show quality over all the other things.

The Poco F3 was dispatched on March 22, 2021, close by its less expensive cousin, the Poco X3 Pro. Albeit the Poco brand has pushed out various telephones since the Pocophone F1 (or Poco F1 in certain business sectors) turned into a raving success in 2018, the Poco F3 is most likely the nearest we’ve been to a genuine development to that debut gadget. It has a couple of the top-of-the-line specs clients need with a low value that the Poco F2 Pro would never have coordinated.

The issue Poco has looked at in the course of recent years, however, is its dependence on Xiaomi. In spite of the fact that Poco says it’s a totally autonomous brand now, a large portion of its gadgets are rebrands of different telephones under the Xiaomi umbrella, which incorporates this Poco F3.

Update, April 15, 2021: The Poco F3 has another update in MIUI 12.0.2. Xiaomi/Poco didn’t refresh the security fix however brought some soundness upgrades, as indicated by the changelog. Be that as it may, upon first boot after the update, the new applications screen was broken — hitting the new button carried us to a clear home screen page. A hard reboot (holding the force button down for 10 seconds) was the best way to fix that issue.

What you need to know about the Poco F3

Poco F3 UK review

Poco F3 (6GB/128GB): £329/€349

Poco F3 (8GB/256GB): £349/€399

The Poco F3 is a rebranded form of the Redmi K40 (the two firms are auxiliaries of Xiaomi). Notwithstanding the name or the pretense where it initially showed up, the telephone exists for commonly one reason: offering a couple of better quality specs while removing most others to keep the value low. Poco portrays it really well with its trademark: “All that you don’t require anything, you don’t.”

Considering that, the Poco F3 has some outstanding elements that put it aside from different telephones in its value range. Its FHD+ show with a 120Hz invigorate rate is a major one, just like its Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 chipset. A genuinely huge battery, 5G help, and a sufficient camera arrangement are among the different elements Poco needs you to take note of.

How is the new design?

From the get-go, the Poco F3 doesn’t look or feel like a $400 cell phone. It has glass covering the front and back. The railing encompassing the telephone’s edges is made of an exceptionally excellent plastic that feels actually like metal. The focused showcase pattern is really minuscule — recognizably more modest than what you’ll discover on even a Samsung Galaxy S21. There’s a great deal about the telephone’s development that is without a doubt premium.

There’s a great deal about the Poco F3’s plan that feels premium.

Obviously, individuals who know a great deal about the cell phone industry will actually want to spot how Poco cut corners. The Gorilla Glass 5 covering the front and back, for instance, is a five-year-old item. The bezels encompassing the level showcase are really thick. The capacitive side-mounted unique finger impression sensor that serves as a force button is additionally an obvious hint that this telephone is no top-notch lead.

What about the display?

Poco F3 UK review

Beyond question, the presentation on the Poco F3 is one of the features. At 6.67-inches, the screen is gigantic. It gets bounty splendid at 1,300 nits top, as per Poco. However, you’ll presumably see something more like 900 nits during customary use. Furthermore, the shading immersion is very decent.

Notwithstanding, the superstars are the 120Hz invigorate rate and 360Hz touch testing rate. Joined, these components make a breathtakingly smooth encounter as you swipe around. That high inspecting rate would likewise be an aid to gamers, as it assists speed with increasing the reaction from your screen contacts.

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Do take note that Poco just gives both of you alternatives for the invigorate rate: 60Hz or 120Hz. You can’t find some middle ground and go with a 90Hz rate as you can for certain different telephones. The invigorate rate does consequently skip between these two frequencies relying upon the application. All in all, on the off chance that you have an application that doesn’t uphold 120Hz, it will fall back to 60Hz. In any case, it isn’t really versatile in that it is locked to simply those two frequencies.

How does the Poco F3 camera perform?

Poco F3 UK review

Basically, the Poco F3 camera works probably just as you would expect for a sub-$400 telephone. It’s not extraordinary but rather it’s not horrendous, all things considered. Under awesome conditions, you’ll get great outcomes. Under not great conditions, you’ll see helpless outcomes.

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How about we look at certain models, beginning with this photograph of my feline Lexi outside with a lot of suns. This was taken utilizing the super 48MP shooter (you can see unedited and uncompressed variants of all photographs here).

At full-outline, the picture looks point by point enough, yet in the event that you zoom in a little, you’ll notice that the hide all over begins to get pretty soft. Nonetheless, this is normal at this value point. By and large, however, the photograph looks fine. It’s something I would have no misgivings about sharing via web-based media.

How is the battery life? What might be said about charging?

Poco F3 UK review

It presumably is obvious to hear that the 4,520mAh battery in the Poco F3 will get you during a time of weighty use without an issue. Nonetheless, overcoming a subsequent day is far-fetched.

In my experience with the telephone, I saw around five hours of screen on schedule, which is completely sensible. That got me through an entire day and afterward about a portion of the following. That was with 120Hz on constantly, coincidentally.

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I’m sure that in the event that I changed to 60Hz and had a couple of light days to the extent use goes, I could get an entire two days out of this telephone. In any case, I wouldn’t have any desire to forfeit 120Hz to accomplish that. At last, the Poco F3’s battery life is good, however, there are telephones in this value section that can push two days gracefully.

In the event that you do run out of juice, there’s a 33W charger in the container with the Poco F3. Our audit unit accompanied a European-style attachment and I live in the US, so I was unable to give it a shot without utilizing a connector. Nonetheless, 33W of speed is sufficient to charge a battery of this limit from zero to full in around 60 minutes.

Shockingly, there’s no remote charging on this telephone. In any case, at this value point, that will be normal.

How amazing is the Poco F3?


The Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 chipset inside the Poco F3 is almost the best Qualcomm model available today, second just to the powerful Snapdragon 888. In everyday use, there will not be a lot of observable distinctions between the two. Indeed, benchmarks would demonstrate in any case, however, the Snapdragon 870 conveys a sizable amount of ability to satisfy any sort of client. It likewise accompanies 5G help (no mmWave, yet that is not a factor in Europe) and up to 256GB of UFS 3.1 capacity, in spite of the fact that there’s no microSD opening.

Lamentably, all that force gets kneecapped by the product included with this telephone, Xiaomi’s MIUI 12. To be obtuse, the product on the Poco F3 needs some genuine work. I saw all ways of issues including irregular reboots, vanishing/returning warnings, and surprisingly a spontaneous change from a 120Hz revive rate to 60Hz. Furthermore, the brilliance drops drastically as the telephone gets substantial use, which is truly irritating.

Poco F3 survey: The decision

On paper, the Poco F3 appears unrealistic. A super-quick chipset matched with an unbelievable showcase enclosed by an exceptional inclination case for €349? How could that be even conceivable?

Sadly, you discover which corners got cut when you’re acquainted with the telephone’s product, which is buggy and untidy. In all actuality, programming updates could fix a large number of the issues I found. Be that as it may, Poco doesn’t have the best history with regards to staying up with the latest.

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