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Mobile screens already outperform desktop screens when it comes to web browsing. So the web design trends in 2022 that will revolutionize the web are also related to mobile browsing and one of them is thumb design.

What is thumb web design?

Our thumbs have become the main tips for navigating. Our smartphones overuse our thumbs, whether it’s typing, browsing, gaming, or more.

But it is not easy to navigate the web with our phones using our thumbs, the truth is that touch screens are rustic for them. Therefore, every time we see websites that try to facilitate the work of our dear fingers without mistreating them.

Thumb-friendly web designs are those that place your navigation bar, menus, and buttons in spaces where the thumbs can easily reach. In addition, the font size, forms, and other interactive elements are easy to handle from the mobile screen.

Thumb-friendly mobile designs are undoubtedly also higher rated by search engines, as user experience is the main factor for web positioning.


Colorful minimalism


Colorful minimalism
Minimalism doesn’t have to be boring.


Minimalism in web design is often criticized for being quite simplistic and boring. However, not all minimalist web designs have to be boring. Since minimalism, contrary to what many web designers think, is not only about using black and white:

All colors can be used in a minimalist web design and thus give a fun touch to the design.

Conversely, likewise, colorful web designs don’t have to be extravagant, but different color palettes can be used and still remain minimal.

After the pandemic (which encouraged designers to use conservative colors that convey confidence and confidence), 2022 will be the year of using more fun and vivid colors.

So don’t hesitate to take a chance by using bold, bold colors in your minimalist design. But in the same way, do not forget to use only those colors that fit your brand. We recommend The best colors for a website.

Remember that using colors in a conscious way, according to the values ​​of your users, will help you find the appropriate moods and sensations to get said users to carry out the action that you propose within your website.

Example of colorful minimalismbubly.com


Ultra custom web upload


Ultra personalized web loading refers to the fact that a design adapts its contents according to the user who loads the website. For example, that a website has the ability to load differently for a woman than for a man, if so desired by its webmaster.

The possibility that a website loads differently for a type of user in common, can be effective to achieve the objectives set by said website.

For example, an online store might charge differently for a frequent user than for a first-time user. In this way, the frequent user, for example, could see new products while the first-time user could see the best products of said online store.

In fact, large electronic stores like Amazon.com and Aliexpress.com use custom loading according to your favorite products, your purchases, and, of course, the products that you have already observed.

The use of artificial intelligence in web uploading continues to advance by leaps and bounds and therefore we will undoubtedly see the trend of custom uploading flourish in 2022.


Smart charging


Smart web upload
Smart web loading is all about prioritizing some items during load.


Another web design trend for 2022 is smart loading.

We already know that users for years do not tolerate slow loads and that a website should load in no more than 3 seconds. However, smart charging goes beyond charging speed.

One of the SEO trends of 2021 was the update related to the Core web vital parameters, which was intended to take into account several factors related to the user experience; In this update, Google considers several aspects of smart loading such as the one that the most relevant elements for the user’s use load first:

This means that for example on a login page the login form loads first as it is the priority for the user.

Another element of smart loading could be rendered.

Large web platforms like LinkedIn use smart loading very well, since, despite containing heavy elements, they know how to prioritize loading very well.

Example: LinkedIn.com


Micro animations


Micro animations are only about the use of small animations in different aspects of web design such as icons, micro-interactions and even product descriptions.

Static web design is a thing of the past and in 2022, of course, designs will be more dynamic with even less static images and more use of videos and gifs.

By the way, animated images are quite used in product descriptions, since it can display a three-dimensional image of the product to customers.


We recommend you:



Vintage inspiration


Retro vintage web design
Vintage or retro web design evokes the best of the past.


Vintage fashion is a post-pandemic trend and in website designing in Lahore, it is a trend in 2022.

The truth is, the older we get we see the past as a better time. The changes brought about by the pandemic led us to think of the past as better times and to yearn for it.

So vintage web design is trending.

Note that we are not talking about web designs that are as rustic as those designs from the 2000s. Rather, we are referring to designs that use minimalist colors and styles in an identical way to those years, but which in turn are quite dynamic.

Along the same lines, the use of large fonts with neutral colors to highlight headlines is a trend.

If you want to use vintage designs on your website, remember to do it in a cheerful way and not gray and opaque, to evoke the best of the past.


Gradients are trends in web design for 2021


Beyond trends, gradients or gradients are a fashion that does not pass. Since large platforms such as Instagram implemented it, they have not stopped being used in web design.

These gradients can be used to add depth, serve as an eye-catching background, and add texture to an illustration.

Plus, they can be used in big, bold typefaces.

Gradients example: Stripe.com


Frosted glass effect


Frosted web design
The frosted glass effect gives a professional appearance to the design.


Frosted glass is a great design trend that can add professionalism to your website, it can even help convey confidence.

And what the heck is frosted glass?

It is also called opaque glass and this is achieved by polishing or illustrating the transparent glass with emery, which makes it translucent and tarnishes the elements that are behind it.

It looks great in web design as it provides a blurry appearance to the elements behind it, giving a realistic 3D glass appearance. While it highlights the objects that appear on the image and remain readable since the frosted background induces the user to focus attention on the superimposed element.

So if you want to convey professionalism and generate greater confidence with your web design, I recommend using this effect in the forms and on the pages.


Extremely interactive designs


The web design of the future and of 2022 is extremely interactive, which means that it has a huge capacity for options that allow the user to customize the website they navigate through.

It all starts from night mode and eye-pleasing designs, which users can customize, while other websites like Uphold.com contain various web design options for their users.

Other designs go even further, such as the one we will leave as an example which has many options to customize.

These types of designs are excellent for showing creativity towards users, on the part of our company, in addition to inducing them towards greater interaction with our website.





Neomorphism in web design
Neomorphism offers depth and 3D effect to web parts.


Explained in simple words, neomorphism is about the quality that brings depth and a three-dimensional appearance to objects with only two dimensions.

Using this technique, everyday objects can be imitated in the most faithful and realistic way possible.

An excellent characteristic of neomorphism is that it adds depth to the elements in which it is used.

In the case of web design, it can be used in buttons, icons, sliders, bars and many other elements in which they look more professional and modern by using this technique.



Of course, this style of websites is not recommended for corporate designs that need to show more sophistication, but it is recommended for the presentation of relatively new projects, which do not need a lot of pages, but rather to present more basic information.

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