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Chopta trek is one of the most exciting places to attend during your upcoming holidays. It’s a fascinating trek where you explore the Himalayan Peaks, waterfalls, meadows, wildlife, some birds, several temples, climate, and atmosphere. As we all are familiar with the fact, Uttarakhand is a “Queen of Hills” and also has much historical significance. Chopta trek is also a major explanation for it. This is an easy trek, so you can also invite your beginner-level trekker friends here. The altitude of this trek is approximately 4090 meters. Which covers 30 kilometers which probably takes 5 days to finish off the trek. The exciting places of this trek, several important things to carry, things to do, and the best time to trek, etc are listed below

Things to do in Chopta trek

Things to do in the Chopta trek are Camping, Bird Watching, Photography, stroll in the temple, and Meditation. Apart from trekking, these are the few things to do in the Chopta trek. Camping is a highly fascinating thing to do in the Chopta trek. Camping here in the lap of nature is the most favorite thing to do here for every trekker. In addition to this comes Bird Watching, One of the greatly adored things to do in the Chopta trek. If you are lucky enough then you will be able to spot many migrating birds. There are more than 100 species. If you are a bird lover, then this is the exact trek for you to explore. The prominent season for bird watching is February to March. Another interesting thing to do in the Chopta trek is Photography. This is a mandatory thing for every trekker, who explores this trail. Mainly many photographers across the globe attend during February to March for taking snapshots of these dazzling birds. Apart from all that, you can also stroll in the temple. There are various temples you will get to discover. Uttarakhand is also analyzed as the historically crucial place which has several ancient temples with incredible chronology. Last but not least Mediation, since the mountains are far away from the city chaos, it’s calm and has a blissful environment. Where you can meditate and get an instant escape from reality and relax. These are the few things to do in the chopta trek.

Exciting places to Explore

Although Chopta is a minor village in the region of Uttarakhand there are many exciting places to explore here. This village is specialized for the meadow, ancient traditional village, and temples. While trekking in Chopta you can discover the culture and tradition of the local people and know about their lifestyle. The major temples here which have a great record of history are Mansa Devi Temple, and Chandi Devi Temple, etc. The significance of these temples is that Mansa Devi Temple is an amazing temple situated on top of a mountain range. Chandi Devi Temple This temple is dedicated to the goddess Chandi Devi. You may also get an opportunity to view the crystal clear water of lake Deoriatal. And also the snow-capped Himalayan peaks like Nanda Devi, Trishul, and Bandatpuncj, chaukhambha. These would be really exciting places especially for the wildlife photographer and wildlife enthusiasts.

Things to carry

Essential things to carry on this trek are water bottles which are indeed very important to carry, four sets of clothes since it’s a five-day trek, a backpack with rain covers if you are trekking during monsoon or winter season it’s advisable to carry them, A good pair of trekking shoe which has a good grip, towels, tissue paper, etc these are the essential things which you should not fail while fleeing for this trek.

Best time

The best time to trek Chopta is analyzed as Summer. Although you can trek here throughout the years. Chopta has an incredible climate throughout the year. But if you want to trek in the summer and admire their mild sun with fresh evergreen lands then the best time is to consider April to June. Which is the appropriate and reasonable time to trek also interpreted as the best time to trek through those Mountains. If you like to take a challenging trek then winter is the best time. Although it’s an easy trek and can be performed by a beginner trekker too. Winter is slightly challenging but still achievable. It has an outstanding view of the mountain peak, which is worth the climb. The promising time to visit this place during winter is October to March. Monsoon is also a great time to trekker over this mountain at the appropriate time from July to September. Also Read: refund for a canceled delta flight


Chopta trek is the vastly adorable trek trail in the region of Uttarakhand. One can certainly enjoy the ups and downs while cherishing the moment of life. In the end, you will have a heavy heart filled with memories to take home.

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