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India is a vibrant country and home to diversified cultures and places. Now, this diversity can be in the terms of culture, traditions, foods, places, and even tours. This also implies that in India, you can witness a wide range of tourism experiences. And the most inducing tourism experience of India is the luxury tours in India. There are numerous luxurious gems in India for the lavish travel experience. So, here are the most prominent destinations in India for a Luxury tour in India. So, look at the list very carefully and select the destinations for your Luxury India tour packages.

Lake Pichola: Go for a Spa Retreat on a Boat

Luxury palace in pichola lake, udaipur

The first luxurious destination on this list is the lake Pichola which is in Udaipur, Rajasthan. Rajasthan itself is widely famous as one of the most royal and luxurious places in India. In Lake Pichola, the thing that excites you with high luxury is the Jiva Boat Spa that gives you a totally different classic spa experience. This boat spa is at the Taj Lake Palace. In this boat spa, you will receive a warm welcome in a royal way where the expert therapist awaits to provide you with a classic spa. You can just lie on the deck witnessing the sun mixing with the blue water.

The must-have experience in this boat spa at Lake Pichola is the signature wellness treatment. This is the treatment that is exclusively provided only by the Jiva. This treatment was previously given to the members of the royal Rajasthan family.

Morjim: Enjoy at the Secret Goa Beach

Luxury resorts in morjim beach goa

This secret Morjim beach is in Goa which is only open to visitors after the bookings. This secret location in Goa is the best place to cut yourself off from the crowd and noise of the city areas and enjoy the peace. At this place, you can opt for two different kinds of accommodation facilities which will obviously impact the cost of the package. The two staying facilities include Otter Creek Tents and the Beach houses. This secret beach in Goa promises you an outstanding luxury and enticing experience along with being a romantic destination.

The most important thing that you must not forget to do in this place enjoys watch the beautiful sunset from your Otter Creek tent.

Amanbagh: Enjoy the Wellness Retreat at Amanbagh

The magnificent surrounding and the building at the Amanbagh truly depicts the architectural beauty of the Mughal Era. This place is full of gifts from the Mughal Era such as private courtyards, gardens, lavish suites, resorts, arches, etc. All these things together provide you with a mesmerizing experience and relax your eyes. If this is your wellness retreat and not only tour program then you will get directions from a physician who will explain about the 3-week program. This wellness program will provide you with complete rejuvenation.

The other complementary thing that you can do here is to visit the Bhangarh Fort. Make sure to visit during the daytime which is nearby.

Maharaja Express: Experience Royal Indian Hospitality

Luxurious maharaja express for luxury India tour

The most luxurious train in India with a lavish travel experience is the Maharaja Express. This train is also famous for having the most expensive ticket cost in India. The train runs from Mumbai to Jaipur and is ventured by IRCTC and Cox & Kings. The train offers you 8 days and 7 night total stay on the train. Maharaja Express is decorated with all the royal antique items and suites with a luxury dining area and a lounge and bar on the train.

You can also stay or stop for an evening at the Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur. Here you can enjoy the luxury at the royal palaces.

The Khyber Himalayan Resort & Spa

The Khyber Himalayan Resort is a luxurious resort located65 km away from the Srinagar airport. The resort is at such a perfect location that it gives you a 360-degree view of the entire location and the Pir Panjal ranges and the Apharwat Peak. The most important thing to enjoy here is the special wellness spa by the L’occitane. The other important thing for which the resort is famous is skiing on the slopes of the hills.

The special massage which is popular as the revitalizing Aromachologie massage should be on your to-do list.

Chhatra Sagar: Go Glamping at Chhatra Sagar

You can experience the luxury best in the royal forts and vicinity of Rajsthan. The great reservoir of the dam built by Chhatra Singh has now transformed into a beautiful green oasis. And now this lavish property has been converted into a glamping site. The area is full of luxury tents with all having a separate waterside and enjoying the beautiful scenario.

At the Chhatra Sagar, you must not forget to watch the birds and have the village tours guided by the staff of the hotel.

Fort Tiracol Heritage Hotel: Stay at a 16th Century Portuguese Fortress in Goa

The Fort Toracol Heritage Hotel in Goa gives you a chance to witness the life of a 16th-century Portuguese fortress. From the fort, you can also have the beautiful sight of the Arabian Sea. This location is formerly a military base which can be the best destination for your enticing vacations. The fort is accompanied by the antique suites, decorators, interiors of the 16th century along with a private balcony for each room. The offbeat scenes that are visible from the balcony of the fort give you an immense luxurious venture.

At the time of Christmas and Easter, you can witness the celebration at the church with a great number of locals.

Ananda in Himalayas: Relish a Spa Experience in the Lap of the Himalayas

Ananda in Himalayas Resort, India

Ananda is the best spa destination that combines both luxury and natural beauty in a single place. This spa is located at the Maharaja Palace estate in Tehri. The palace is entirely surrounded by the Sal Forests and lies near the beautiful Ganges river valley. This is the best wellness spa resort that includes several therapies such as detox, fitness, de-stress, and the ultimate rejuvenation.

You can enjoy the luxurious dining experience at a private dining spot in the palace vicinity organized by the hotel staff.

Hence, these were the places of India that never fails to amaze you with luxurious experiences. So, do not wait for long and start your booking for luxury tours in India.

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