In case you’ve ever played in a real brick and mortar type of escape room game then you likely remember the experience very well. How the thrill, excitement and stress mount as the clock simply ticks down the time and you struggle with those last couple of clues. Then there is even another kind of gaming that is fully different, in that it makes use of technology and even nothing else.  Maybe you might have been or tasted a games arcade and tried on the virtual reality headset. 

Certainly , a programmer can design any sort of environment for you to explore. And since these are three-dimensional, it adds an immersive as well as almost life-like type of feeling to the gameplay. Whether horror escape room dubai or anything else; you can try them all for a great experience. Just imagine blending up these two experiences. One thing you would not really need, and that is to simply travel to an actual escape room location. You might simply play comfortably by sitting at home on your own bed or couch. Not just that, but you can even link up with friends who might be literally thousands of miles away, and yet you might all be in a position to play together as a team in a virtual escape room. 

Though the escape room game genre has underwent explosive growth since its inception in the initial 2000s, you can actually thank the Covid virus and even the social distancing that came with it, for a greater weight on virtual gaming. Of course, many people got introduced to the world of virtual reality gaming during these covid19 pandemic times.

What can you Expect?

The real or actual length of the escape room game is going to rely much on the room’s way of playing. Likewise, the challenge level, as well as the number of folks playing the game, will differ considerably. But you know as a general rule, the virtual reality game is going to take as long as a real game and it is generally around an hour. But the real time you spend in the escape room is going to very much depend upon how well you and even your family members or friends managed to solve the puzzles and even clues. 

Similarly , the number of folks who can play in a single escape room that too at the same time is going to depend on what scenarios you are playing out, as well as the overall individual escape room business you are actually playing at.

You may dress up too!

On the whole you might find that most virtual reality rooms are going to permit between 2 and 6 people to simply play together at the same time. Many of the present day most modern virtual reality rooms will fit you out with a backpack and even goggles. Different rooms will also make you wear a specific tactile vest that simply means that the vest is going to vibrate for a more immersive experience. Though you are going to be plugged into a 3D virtual machine, you will still be going to do a fair bit of walking. To that end it would be nice if you avoid wearing any sort of bulky clothes and select to dress primarily for comfort. Keep in mind that you could be carrying or wearing a pretty heavy backpack coupled with your goggles. So, it is important that you do not overdress!

Always ask for the levels 

It would always be nice if you ensure that you ask the game master or provider or operator exactly what the different levels are before you even start playing. But whatever the level you do choose to play, don’t forget that, just as with regular sort of escape room games, there is always going to be a game master there who you can talk to or speak with if you get stuck on a single type of task for too long. These fellows will not tell you the answer, but they can give you subtle clues to aid in unblocking your mind. 

Gaming in abundance 

When you step in the world of virtual reality gaming you would find endless options and variety. Always new themes of rooms are going to be created to augment the experience of gamers. Virtual reality has further grown the gaming experience and excitement in overall gamers.

Well, VR or virtual reality works for absolute real and many people have experienced it too. Bringing it to the world of gaming industry is much beneficial to the gaming industry. It can simply take you to a different world of your desires and dreams where you can experience and feel everything happening for real. Contrary to standard escape rooms, these virtual reality escape room does not really have any sort of physical puzzles.

You can stay healthy with VR gaming 

You know what, since virtual gaming includes a lot of physical activities, these escape room activities are healthy as well. It involves a lot of different type of horror or adventure actions and mental activities that keep you fit. It even burns your calories at the same time giving you some diverse experience that is out of the world. Of course, once you try out virtual reality games, you surely are going to feel the fitter version of you.  Whether you talk about some movement of your body or your stress levels or brain capabilities; everything improves in the realm of virtual reality. Since you solve the problems, experience the new things like real; you learn new things and grow your intellect.

Games for everyone 

If you are thinking it is all about kids then not, there are even games apt for adults as well however they are a lot more intense theme-based. Folks are crazy about such escape room games. They look forward to try more adventurous based, fantasy, horror, military-based games. There are games as per every participant or gamer categorized as per their age, even gender, and interest.


To sum up,  you can check out the best escape room dubai and ensure y=that you taste the virtual reality gaming in a quality manner.  Such an experience is going to transform your life for sure!

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