Whether your business is providing a service, retailing, or consulting, your location hosts important and valuable assets. Few business owners stop and consider the costs of a theft (internal or external) or how adequate their current security is. In fact, most of the time I am contacted by an entrepreneur AFTER a leak has occurred to review the safety of their business. Well, here are some security issues that are simple to fix and can protect yourself, your employees, and your business.

Locks installed incorrectly:

Most locks are taken for granted. You put the key in, you turn it and the door closes or opens. Did you say enough true? Well no. An improperly installed or adjusted lock may seem secure leaving you unprotected. How many of you have used a credit card to open a locked door? Modern latches are designed to stop the “credit card” technique, but only if installed correctly. The deadbolt latches must also slide smoothly and completely into the door jamb to ensure that the latch cannot simply be pulled back with a screwdriver.

Inadequate locks:

The concept of “bumping” a lock has been in the news a lot lately. “Bumping” is a simple, quick and silent method of opening a locked door. The concept is so simple that many locksmiths now prefer “bumping” to traditional lockpicks! The highest security padlocks resist bumps and picking and even come with keys that cannot be duplicated without your consent.

Too many keyed locks:

Not all entrances to your workplace require a keyed lock. A front door and a back door are usually sufficient. Other doors only need a locking mechanism inside and the outside lock can be closed or disabled. This is an inexpensive war to limit the number of doors a potential thief can attack and to save money when it comes time to re-key.


After reducing the number of access points to your business, try to keep these access points well lit and open. This protects both you and your employees as they start and finish each day, as well as discourage thieve restricted key systems.

Keys not accounted for:

Do you know where your keys are? Even the best lock will not protect you from a thief with a working key. Disgruntled former employees or executives often don’t return keys when they leave their jobs or they may have created a duplicate key. Recalling the locks is an inexpensive way to make sure you know who has legitimate access to your property.

Registered security cameras:

Nobody likes being in front of the camera, and this is especially true of thieves. A simple camera system can be a significant deterrent to internal and external theft. Costco recently sold a four-camera wireless system with digital recording for under $ 400. Of course, there are more expensive systems, but even a simple system can have a huge impact. However, don’t use fake security cameras. Thieves aren’t fooled that easily.


Regardless of how secure the door is, there is always a chance that the burglar will simply break a window, and not all businesses can have a garbage dog for after hours protection. While a monitored alarm is ideal, a simple motion detector with an audible siren will ensure that even if a burglar does gain access to your business, they won’t stay long.

Many locksmiths will provide you with a free “Safety Review” or come to deal with some of the above items for little more than the cost of the service. With a little prevention, your business will be safer and you will be able to sleep more easily at night knowing that your business is safe.

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